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The bomb tunes of the 60s was one of the high points of the Steelband thus far, we have moved so far from that it's hard to visualize that there was such a period.

What have we done to the steelband in the name of progress.

Glenroy, odw, Val please take us back with some of the bomb tunes from this period on this snow filled Tuesday, lets show young people where the steelband went back in the day.

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Too many "bests" to mention. I do remember running from my band on jouvert morning to hear other bombs,up the road,round the corner.
But one of my most memorable steelband moments is not really a bomb memory. In Baltimore,md. At a TNT festival a full Invaders side in a tribute to their "papi", their words, playing "with a song in my heart"with Ellie, two shoulders away from us. Truly a tears-in-your- eye- moment, this guy will not soon forget.

Is it safe to say that Desperadoes and Hylanders dominated  the Bomb scene? I don't know if there is a record of who won most back in the day , I would surely like to know.

I believe they should start having a Bomb competition Carnival Monday afternoon for the same prize as panorama. This is a excellent opportunity to get the Steelband on the road again.

  Cecil  ''TRADITIONALLY Bomb Competitions Has always been on Jourvert Morning. That Wont Change.  After Jourvert Most Steelbands Dont Really Venture on the Road except for those that are Playing Mas.  Another Thing - You will never See A Bomb Competition Getting the Same Prize as a Band Winning Panorama.

Val it's not written in stone that the bomb competition has to be j'ouvert mornin. What I am proposing here is a plan to get more bands involved in coming on the road, no j'ouvert mornin, no Tuesday just 8-9 hours on the road carnival Monday afternoon. Lots of people would like  to see more steelbands on the road, even major sponsors would support this, their is this feeling of guilt for short changing the steelband. Monday afternoon t-shirt and jeans steelband street party and bomb competition can't go wrong.

I'm with yuh on that, Cecil. Green corner "bomb" competition. Monday tees with chambray shirts and jeans. One more year, please!
Even Claude comin' back to push pan...one more year!

patrick ramdoo  wey yuh talkin bout "one more year" this is the way back to the future for the steelband.

I hear yuh,Cecil.

Cecil: Watch your choice of words: BACK TOTHE FUTURE!!!

Yuh have me laughing with that one!

Parick Ramdoo: I can't discern your sarcasm from your content any more. Very Good!!!

Claude. It is simple to understand, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, what's the use of the steelband? when you find the answer you'll see that they ran into a brick wall. Now what do you do when you can't go forward? you either stand still or you go back, the steelband has to go back to move forward. In the 60s there were more of less successful, they have to revisit this period and see what they can apply to today.

To answer your question Cecil , many people see the steelband playing classical music and jazz on a stage , instead of calypso music on the streets.

Problem is however , neither  classical music , or to a lesser extent jazz , have much market appeal in this , the 21st century.

Both of those genres only appeal to hardcore music fans , not the popular music consumer.

Glenroy, fads come and go but quality withstand the test of time. It is said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is almost impossible to see of hear something that's beautiful and say it's not. Young people has the ability to conform to whatever the program is.


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