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The CIP should already have had a shadow executive in place, or at least a steering committee ....

I did not write that line on this forum; some other fellah did; but the line just hit me this morning. The line hit me when I realized that the next PAN TRINBAGO election is in OCTOBER 2018, if the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ decides to call it then.

Don't forget how he STRUNG OUT The New Visionaries. I expect him to be more tactical with the CIP. And the same fellah who write that sentence was instructive again when he said that FORTEAU was the POLITICAL BRAIN behind this PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE. So the CIP should wake up and develop a POLITICAL STRATEGY to solve that problem.

When the CIP men show up on November 30th with their piece ah paper (well ah want yuh to write all yuh delegates name on ah piece ah paper for me) KEITH DIAZ will simply say that he needs time to VALIDATE THE LIST because anybody could come with ah piece ah paper and say 220 people sign it when in fact is only about 3 CIP MEN who sign the 220 names. So while the CIP men anticipating TRIUMPH, Keith Diaz dispensing FRUSTRATION.

So my recommendation is that the CIP set up a WEBSITE (as the first step from the shadow executive) and start showing some GLOBAL LEADERSHIP for TRINIDAD STEELBAND -- the possibilities are endless and the internet does not really have any rules. Stop waiting for KEITH DIAZ to FALL (that eh happening no time soon) and start building a FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION.

Hell, hire RUSSELL PROVIDENCE as a CONSULTANT!!! Call the man BLUFF and see if he could turn all that THEORY into PRACTICE!!!

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Claude, it is so obvious that Keith will drag this out for as long as he can.  I also vote for Russell to be a consultant.  He can add so much to this process.

Ingrid: When you see me taking a HOSTILE ATTITUDE towards the CIP in the near future -- doh get VEX with me!!! We set them up with so many opportunities for them to push their propaganda on this forum and DISPLACE KEITH DIAZ and yet they go to China and steal sunglasses and Donald Trump has to bail them out (sorry, sometimes I get my YANKEE POLITICS mixed up with my TRINIDADIANISM) and yet they refuse to come on the FORUM and support OUR ACTIVISM. They can't tell the difference between a HOT TOPIC and COLD FISH!!!

But MICHAEL "SCOBIE" JOSEPH could come on this forum (winter, spring, summer, or fall) and draw hundreds of views with the most self-serving and racist press releases -- yet the CIP think that THEY HAVE THE VOTES.

It just doh look like the CIP ready for PRIME TIME!!!

Mr. Claude you did not heard the hundreds of stupess after each view. listen closely the last bit of the echos is still lingering on. lol

Claude, I remember earlier this year when Gregory and he pardner (Trini coming out) Dale went to Pan Trinbago's offices saying they were going to boycott Panorama 2017 and the next thing I hear is that All Stars are gathering for Panorama practice!  Since then, I have lost my confidence in them and so I can't believe anything that they say.

IBB, doh remind them of that gyrl, lololololol when they came out of the meeting like they were "born again"

Cecil, that's why I don't know whether to take them seriously.  They don't seem to stick to their guns.  They need to stop drinking Keith's Kool Aid!

IBB, I'm concern with their strategy.

Over 500 Views!!! In America they say that ALL PRESS IS GOOD PRESS -- look at all dem women coming out and BOASTING about what happen to them 40 years ago just to get ah little press.

And speaking of PRESS, the CIP should be pushing for more stories in the LOCAL PRESS. Doh tell me ah go have to come down to Trinidad and show allyuh how to TAKE DOWN KEITH DIAZ!!! But if ah come ah eh staying by you. Ah staying by meh new pardner RUSSELL PROVIDENCE.

Thats a deal mr Providence would love to have you there. you can then tell the forum if he is as smart as he sounds, or if the he just a brother Scobbie on the steroids. lol

Yuh have ah good sense of HUMOUR!!! We could be PARDNERS!!! As long as yuh doh keeping acting like CECIL HINKSON is yuh best pardner on the forum. Allyuh always agreeing on EVERYTHING!!!

Except for the PANORAMA BOYCOTT TING!!! (LOL!!!)

That's not true Claude, I doh believe the Boycott, removal of Diaz, the $500 got serious support, it rendered the CIP dead like a duck in the water. lets see if they have a plan"B".


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