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The question is: Can Trinidad educators, performers and historians come together and set international standards and expectations around the PAN?

This is not my question; this question was posed by MR. BUGS.

(Everybody knows my question which I have been asking for years since I came on this forum: When will some Trinidadian make some decent PAN MUSIC that could get some global sales and airplay and reviews?)

So don't accuse me of stealing MR. BUGS question!!! But I would like to do a little add on to the list and include (among the educators, performers and historians) politicians (like an internationally conscious MINISTER OF CULTURE), music producers and business executives.

We have to go beyond fitting in to other people's systems and start creating OUR OWN SYSTEMS.

merrytotnestothebone is right: we have our LOCAL SYSTEMS majestically in place. Examples that the world comes to see and emulate. But PAN gone GLOBAL!!! And the people that bugs is calling on need to open their eyes and come together and come up with a GLOBAL PLAN for TRINIDAD PAN.

Kind of ironic!!! After we invent THE INSTRUMENT and EXPATS took THE PAN ALL OVER THE WORLD -- now we are looking for a PLAN to maintain control of the BRAND.

Personally, from what I have seen firsthand: PAN has it own MYSTICAL ENERGY and it will do what it will do.

All I do is sit and wait to hear some HIGH QUALITY GLOBAL MUSIC coming out of THE INSTRUMENT  before the day that I DIE!!!

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The international Association of Pan Educators, Performers and Historical Affairs

Claude you must have gotten that new helmet. No concussion for you today.  A team with the likes of Dr. Batson, Merrytones, Kim Johnson, Dr, Nyomba, Dr. Mia Gormandy, Golden Hands, Merle Albino, Ray Holman, Russell Providence and others would be like Golden State with addition of LeBron. No shortage of talent and know-how.  I'm not sure such an organization could or should be housed in Trinidad. Unwanted interference from Rolly Polly and D'Photo and the bigmouth PRO could be an issue.


From 2006, Dr Ajamu Nyomba the organizer of the Pan Symposium “Pan in the 21st Century:

The Scholarship and Music of Steel Drums


Lord Kitchener - Steel Band Music

The egos killing us kill us at that level. It hard but you know as far as Aquil is concern the hard the battle the more attractive it is.... Once i have merry tones in my corner i good. Every thing will fall in place. You guys ever listen to the music merry tones have scored out on Sound Cloud?


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