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This is the MOST DIFFICULT posting I have ever tried to PUT UP ON on this forum. And it takes every synapse of MENTAL CONTROL to NOT turn it into an OBSCENE RANT

Over all the years, I have REFRAINED from using OBSCENE LANGUAGE on this forum. And I have avoided attacking anybody personally, because I have my own conviction and consciousness of the PAN TING. And I don't need to use NAME CALLING or get ABUSIVE when the PAN FACTS (failure) are so evident.

But when people come on this forum and complain about CONTENT it immerses me back into 40 years of debate and scorn I have had with the TRINI DELUSION about TALENT and CULTURE and BRILLIANCE and THE PAN TING.

First of all, WHENSTEELTALKS should not even be in the DOMINANT position it is in today with the PAN TING. And anybody with half a brain would realize that the FORUM is just a TEASE in the BIG PICTURE. So the content of the exchanges has very LITTLE RELEVANCE to the REAL WORLD OF PAN. I am not even going to go through the list of all the benefits that WHENSTEELTALKS brings to the THE GLOBAL PAN PROJECT. Nor am I going to get into the SOCIOLOGY that governs posting on this forum. And if you do not understand that (THE SOCIOLOGY) you should NOT BE CRITICIZING.

However, I will ask the question that I have asked many times to the EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN TRINIDADIANS who I have argued with (in California) throughout the years (but not in this modern discussion): How come TRINIDADIANS in TRINIDAD could not set up a WEBSITE like this and TAKE CONTROL OF GLOBAL PAN?

We are the BRIGHTEST and we ARE THE BEST and we have SO MUCH TALENT (and they shake their heads in amazement at themselves) but we CANNOT even take a TADPOLE STEP into the 20-year-old establishment of the WWW WORLD.

Some EXPATS ( and I don't even know if ANYBODY at WST is even from TRINIDAD) had to come to the RESCUE OF PAN above all the GENIUS that exists down in the MECCA.

Give me a break!!! I sure wish I could have brought myself to indulge in some MOTHER THIS and MOTHER that in this post!!!

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Claude:  Well said.  These same talented people who are effing this and blinding that on Facebook should have the creativity to build their own website!

Ey ey...who get my pardner so vex dey?...

Man get vex "Juss Soo"

Nah , ODW.

Man vex because he realize that we Trinis still think t'ing does happen "juss so"

Claude Panyard Inc. boast that they are the largest pan manufacturer in the world. as Trini slumber.

Cecil, I'm glad that you said.  I remember in 1993 when I purchased the two Panorama videos (Medium and Large bands), I saw their advertisement stating they were based in Akron, Ohio.  I wrote a scathing letter to Pan Trinbago and copied it to The Express amongst other local newspapers.  I was not happy to find an advertisement for Panyard Inc (based in the US) on any videos produced and purchased from Trinidad!


A concussion couldn't cause this.  Nah man.  As soon as Robert Mueller is finished with his current investigation - he must investigate who put Claude on the brink of no return.

Three thumbs up Claude!


Claude yuh tell it like it is!!(FACTS)"ah always enjoy reading your contribution  to this forum"......."YOU ARE A CLASS ACT"!!!.......GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

I understand what you are saying. 

Facts are facts and all these things that are happening globally to advance Pan have the inputs of Trinidadians both Local and Expats, so why is it happening in Foreign and not the Mecca of Pan. As Boogsie said to the ruling body of Pan a few years ago. Do something for Pan.

Earl Richards: Where have you been? I have been missing you man. I love you more than I love Cecil and BUGS.

Come back and leh we lime nah. And tell KNOLLY SMITH thanks for the SUPPORT!!!

because we are to Smart and too Dumb


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