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Three Months after PANORAMA: No Pay for Pan Players!!! No Forensic Audit!!! No This!!! No That!!! No The Other!!!

Keith Diaz silent!!! Doctor Dolly silent!!! The NCC silent!!! Byron Serrette silent!!! Gregory Lindsay silent!!! Panorama money tie up in court!!!

And we waiting for PANORAMA 2018!!!

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Doh worry. Right after the King take the title from KD, Rolly Polly will be heading for an extended stay at "Club Jail". Imagine, that man teef the children Christmas money again. I wonder if they will expose the "Russian" ties with Rolly Polly?

TV6 said Rolly Polly had 15 bank accounts and Trump's main man Paul Manafort had 15 bank accounts. 

Things that make you go hmmmm


Nice mix, bugs. Only one little mix-up: The Russians hacked the King's playbook and KD is reading it right now on his yacht on the BAY!!!

Claude the King's playbook that was hacked by the Russians that KD is reading,Trump said is faked news. get ready to make your Doctor's appointment, concussion is coming. On a serious note, Pan players should not be silent about Panorama money, are they waiting on 2018  to make noise  and start grumbling all over again. 

I see U people have this superstitious non-sense, of waiting for a miracle to happen...

CIP started off as a voice for the players but like they get tie-up with politics. There is no one out there reassuring the players that someone is seeking their interest.

Who tuh blame? Who tuh blame? Same ole. All dem managers, like before, ain't sayin' nutten. Dais why I outa dat. S. O. S. Same Ole Ship.

The Pan Players United Movement is a different organisation. However they leaders are part of the C.I.P. Players need to step up if they have an issue. They are not complaining so there is nothing to fight for. When they are ready to take action the CIP together the Pan Players United Movement will gladly stand with them.  

minister of sport for pan trinbago president

 roget for secretary

The CIP say that they are CONCERNED INDIVIDUALS for PAN but they are not showing ANY CONCERN for the PAN MEN who are still waiting to get paid for this year. How about ah little MARCH, Gregory Lindsay? That will show some concern. Once dem CIP men realize that they are not getting the office and the salary and the perks -- they shut down like the BORDERS FESTIVAL ... after all the propaganda!!!


Claude, people are very reluctant to inherit a THIRTY MILLION dollar death. in addition, in our A to Z document, we are proposing a separation of powers e.g. the PRESIDENT will get a stipend and a qualified CEO will get a salary. Therefor they would not be any big money for the elected members. PT is a non profit organisation and persons renumeration packages should reflect that of NON PROFIT.    

All these groups has to consider the fact that the Steelband you have in February is not the same one in May, this hinders their ability to complain.

True, however I have seen a person fighting a battle for his coworkers and at the end, when the thing hot, the coworkers say we did not ask for any representation. Lesson to be learnt. Only a fool make the same mistakes over and over. I am on the ground and I am telling you players are not complaining.



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