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Three Months after PANORAMA: No Pay for Pan Players!!! No Forensic Audit!!! No This!!! No That!!! No The Other!!!

Keith Diaz silent!!! Doctor Dolly silent!!! The NCC silent!!! Byron Serrette silent!!! Gregory Lindsay silent!!! Panorama money tie up in court!!!

And we waiting for PANORAMA 2018!!!

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Aquil: Your posts always spur psychological intrigue with me -- for whatever reason. That you resurrected the UPPM today was very interesting -- and telling if I do my own projection.

But, all in all, you have quite a lot of patience and tolerance and you are very respectful.

Your heart seems to be very much in the PAN TING but I am a little bit jaded so I have to develop my profile on you a little bit more!

Aquil: Do you think that the PAN PLAYERS will complain about the $500 or they will gladly take it and SHUT UP??? Do you think that THIS FORUM influenced the "sudden" payment of the stipend by DOCTOR DOLLY and the NCC? Do you think that the UPPM/CIP caused the PAN MEN to lose $500 (5 MILLION TOTAL)? Do you think that DOCTOR DOLLY and KEITH DIAZ are working backroom deals to cheat the PAN MEN out of HALF OF THEIR MONEY?

You are ON THE GROUND so please FILL US IN!!!

CH, these guy's they "DON'T" know, and they do not wanna know, that a stage side is what makes the Steel Orchestra what it is, it's the "CORE" of it's being, where the steel drum it self is the main structure of the instrument, where the notes are the nerves and blood vessels, and the players the spirit which completes this instrument derived by us Trinidadian and Tobagonian in the twentieth century, long long long time ago, as far back as 1947, "Red Army" who later changed their to "Merry makers" stage side of 6 men made the first tour, then Antigua's "Brute Force" steel band, then T.A.S.P.O in 1951, and a lot of other bands stage side since then, especially Pan Am North Stars and B,W,I,A,West Side Symphony, these two bands use to tour every 2 months they're on tour until, people coined the phrase, all yo goin again, they don't know and they don't wanna know, and as for the business sector of it, Tony in Pan Am, and "Rock" in West Side always, make certain that their players get paid, even pan pushers after carnival get money/paid, we use to make a big joke about it saying, the Eagle Shit or the Eagle Pu mm fellers, U R cor recto mun do CH, THEY DON'T KNOW...

Public silent.  Ah wish Kitch was around to make a Kaiso on we.

JJJ the Eagle KORK........lolol

Maybe pan people will get paid as soon as Pan Trinbago get the gate receipts from the NCC.

How many steel band managers single pan to large,....take NCC funds, via assistance to bands; and Government subvention grant for unsponsored bands,...and did not go to Panorama 2017......How many steel band managers single pan to large have filed paperwork for players with duplicate names for remittances, in contravention of the official Panorama Rules 2017? How many players know exactly what is their remittance for performance at the competition?.....

What we know and nothing is the same thing. Secrecy cloaks the symbolism of how Pan Trinbago operates at all levels of management. Nothing is transparent..Kudos are in order for my Chairman of Northern Region Gerald Mendez..... name and works are prominently featured in Fridays Guardian..Peter Ray Blood section...Kudos to you and your team at the Northern Region....with accolades from office of the President...Imagine that.
Accolades of contrition from the President if yuh ask me...and .starting back of Pan in the Countryside in Mayaro...at whose expense..I am deeply concerned about where this fight is going.. I am not at all pleased with sleeping with the enemy.....
Or playing politics for office. Every single initiative that northern region has brought,...central executive has shut down for the last 4 years,.....down DAT the shoe squeezing the President foot....he full of platitudes for my chairman and his directorate.
chairman Mendez..and my South Eunuch Chairman Balbosa and the rest of hungry ass wordsmiths like PRO Michael Joseph, I am hungry....but trust meh,,..I aint starving....don't ever put HUNGRY FOWL to watch Corn...blessings

Now yuh see the light: Is GREED and CORRUPTION day and night!!!


Everyone know what Pan Trinbago did and what they are capable of doing, now tell us if they can be removed in the next four months or we have to wait for the next election? this is ALL people are interested in hearing.

PanTrinbago is a private government organization that designs a constitution to keep opposition in check and at the same time disregard the rules it created when it comes to its executive behavior.

In business organization people get hired and fired at will based on their job performance.

You can’t fit a square peg in a round whole, time for privatization, constitutional reform or hold people accountable.

Every NEED got an EGO to FEED...Bob Marley Pimpers Paradise

odw, can anyone remove them before the season begins?


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