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You cannot be running up and down the country looking for obeah VOTES and then coming on the forum and saying that you NOT INTO POLITICS. And you just cannot come on the FORUM when you want to distribute your CAMPAIGN PROPAGANDA.

And allyuh supposed to be ah BIG NATIONAL ORGANIZATION with at least SIXTY PERCENT of 180 steelbands signed on and on the verge of taking control of PAN TRINBAGO (not something I really believe) and allyuh let ONE MAN (RUSSELL PROVIDENCE) come and tackle allyuh and knock allyuh down on this forum. And then allyuh had to run and hire ah man to try to neutralize RUSSELL PROVIDENCE when the CIP suppose to have well over 216 delegates lined up to vote out KEITH DIAZ on November 30th.

Bring some of your voting delegates to put up some posts on the forum, nah. Even a new calypso for 2018 or ah picture of DOCTOR DOLLY dancing in the PNM CONVENTION yesterday (she eh have no time for PAN). Allyuh can't just PIMP the forum for POLITICAL PURPOSES.

All MY STORIES get old and repetitive and washed up. The "WHERE IS THE MUSIC" and the "PUSHING FOR EXPATS to be a part of PAN TRINBAGO" and the "praising Andy Narell" and the "constant sniping at Keith Diaz" and "making bugs feel that he is some kind ah BIG HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PRODUCER (but ah eh see he name call in no SEX SCANDAL -- so he cyar be THAT BIG)" and "the begging for a GREATEST HITS PANORAMA CD" and the rest of my REDUNDANCY.

And the CIP have THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS and they own at least TWENTY STEELBANDS with thousands of PAN PLAYERS -- and they cannot direct them to come on the FORUM and give us some ON THE GROUND updates about PAN and CALYPSO and CORRUPTION IN PAN TRINBAGO down in the MECCA.

I really enjoy the LIFE and SPARK that them two intellectual fellahs bring to the forum last week (although both ah dem say the other one DUNCY). Ah still looking in meh dictionary to figure out all dem big words dem fellahs was using. And I thought that Dr. deLight was the only man on this forum with an amazonic vocabulary.

Now ah know dem CIP men vex with me because they think I was siding with RP -- but the truth is that I never expressed an opinion of Mr. Russell's content. And when "new people" come on the forum I always like to encourage them to keep posting regardless of content (within limits of human decency).

How allyuh think Aquil Arrindell become such a BIG STAR on this forum?

So the CIP men should start making some contributions to this forum instead of just using it as a CAMPAIGN STOP. And ah still don't believe that THIS FORUM has any influence on "THINGS TRINIDAD" or any meaningful following from down in the MECCA.

Now I eh have no METRICS to prove that, eh.

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Claude, that is why I really enjoy reading your comments.  Both you and Russell know your stuff and Russell has been a breath of fresh air on the forum.  He has certainly kept the forum on their toes and is passionate about pan.  However, I do read all the comments but most of the times i just read ... and don't comment.

Claude , dat is what ah was alluding to , when ah called your name de other day, Ah knew yuh would get it.

Dem fellers have some real work to do , and ah doh know if dey able !

What the CIP don't understand is that they have an excellent opportunity to flex their political muscles with all the uncertainty about Panorama 2018...But nah...Dey want to mash it up for $500.00 which Rowley and co. will never pay...If they really are a pressure group now is the time to "try" at least to force Pantrinbago's hand into creating a new identity for Panorama...Since they profess to have the attention of so many panists then put forward real suggestions to save Panorama, make it into a real money spinner and earner...Don't be hell bent on mashing it up...and then form a committee to try to fix it...But I suspect that foremost in their mind is maintaining the status quo as far as Panorama is concerned...Hustlers, Crews, Band Hoppers and the like, No adherence to rules or the tenets of competition in the first place...Simply because, like all who have gone before them, they stand to benefit from the anyhowness and can't risk making enemies...Why yuh think Boogsie wrote "Do Something for Pan"? It was because Diaz promised to let him have free reign as an arranger once again. The minute Diaz didn't to that he became persona no grata...

merrytonestothebone: yuh, yuhself!!! You say "that they [THE CIP] have an excellent opportunity to flex their political muscles with all the uncertainty about Panorama 2018" -- but how do you expect THE CIP to see that when they EXPRESSLY said that they are NOT INTO POLITICS.


Ah feel like I is the only man who could put a BELL on that CAT -- but the CIP rejected my political consulting services and instead they spend dey time writing ONE LONG IMPRACTICAL MANIFESTO ... never to be implemented in PAN TRINBAGO!!!

merrytones, I've been saying the same thing for some time, The CIP ought to get off the $500, Step-down, and Boycott wagon and see what they can negotiate for players for Panorama 2018


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