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Trinidad and Tobago Offers Scholarship to 30 Nigerians - to study the art of management of carnival and costume making for steel band

Abuja Carnival: Trinidad and Tobago Offers Scholarship to 30 Nigerians

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Minister of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation, Chief Edem Duke.

Olawale Ajimotokan 
Trinidad and Tobago has announced the award of university scholarship to 30 Nigerian youths to learn the art of management of carnival and costume making for steel band.

The offer was made at the weekend by Trinidad and Tobago's Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, Dr. Lincoln Douglas, on the opening ceremony of the annual carnival in Abuja.

The beneficiaries, it was learnt, would study for degree in Carnival Art Management of Festival in two institutions, University of Trinidad and Tobago and University West.

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iS THIS A JOKE?  This is November, not April the 1st!!

Yes it is. And the "joke" is on us! All we need now is to see Sidd's "dreams" of having steelband and pan headquartered in the United States and electronic pans replacing the steel drums/pans that have reached their "shelf life", and it will be a WRAP!!! I give the local steelband and pan whatever you call it (culture, business, industry, movement) another 20 to 25 years to really become EXTINCT! (Hmm...maybe Sidd IS the reincarnated Siddhartha after all. He did "prophesy" that pan would eventually be a thing of the past...)

Now, for those of you who think that I am all about talk; I challenge you to make THAT first step of proof that you are not just a talker. As for the "Ghost"; he continues to operate under the radar, and by this time next year, you will see how it IS possible for ONE MAN (or WOMAN) to accomplish their goals, in the face of naysayers and "dreamkillers". I have done my research, and am fully aware of what I can (and WILL) do "under the law"). I am NOT intimidated by threats to have me exiled from the land of my birth; it ONLY reaffirms that I am on the side of righteousness and justice. It reminds me of what defines courage; the attribute that made persons like Mandela, MLK, Kwame Ture, and Malcolm X seemingly fearless in the midst of similar threats.

As we witness this latest insult to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, we should understand that this is in keeping with the current "corporate culture". These people are ALL about business, and whether it is UTT or UWI, whether the awarded university diplomas are authentic or not, does NOT matter! Remember, Chief Diaz does not love "big car" and "big time living", any more than AG Anand Ramlogan. Corruption on EVERY level and in EVERY facet of a society that I no longer recognize. The values of "old", are just that: old.

So, while this may be no laughing matter for some, for far too many, it is a joyous moment of celebration. Keep in mind, that Nigeria is an oil-producing and rich nation. As for their steelband association, they have a very CLEAR agenda. Do you know what that is? To DOMINATE the international steelband industry (yes, it's an "industry" to them). Nigeria has one of the worst human rights records in the entire world, and money and power are the rulers of that African nation. The exploitation of the countries natural resources, does not "trickle down" to the people; and HUGE American corporations are pumping out billions and billions of dollars in their oil reserves.

Finally, I am all for admitting foreign students into our colleges and universities, however, I think that this reckless giving-away of our valuable culture has to stop. We are not getting a fair return on our investments, and are losing ALL propriety and uniqueness, as we teach the tricks of the trade to those who specifically stated that they intend to better us. Only in Trinidad and Tobago, where we ALWAYS look to the "outside" for help, and for those who need help. Who knows, in 25 years from now, a person wanting to experience "Trini Carnival", would have to go to Nigeria for that experience. Even in Miami, it is "Caribbean Carnival"; why? Because we have no identity. So, although we KNOW that all the Caribbean islands adopted from our Carnival, we cannot claim it as our own. We cannot claim pan as our own, and we are not entitled to giving any last words on the instrument. They use you until they no longer need you, and, again, the time is coming when the only audience the remaining local panman and panwoman will have, is themselves. I admit it is a bad "dream"; maybe the resident prophet and reincarnated spiritual guru could look into his crystal balls (pun intended) and share what he sees. Me, I'm just the village idiot. (Feed on that last line, my juvenile teaser; you know who you are.)

Ghost Who Talks BECAUSE this is "When Steel Talks". Maybe we need a "When Steel Acts"!

Ghost, Money talk, BS walk, Nigeria already said that they will produce better Steelpan players, so now they are going for our Culture, they see what we have and we are not doing anything with it so they are coming to get it and they will do something with it.Some body in Trinidad is getting paid big time.

Why was this not offered to 30 Trinidadian youths,who could then travel abroad and earn a living from it? They are also requesting for pan tuners to come over. I was told they have made pans "and just" want tuners to tune them. No one really knows how well they were made/prepared for tuning. I have an idea, let the 30 scholarship winners each travel with a pan and the money to pay for having it tuned here, if they are good enough.

Anand Ramlogan should also charge the present minister of culture Dr.Lincoln Douglas for offering scholarships to aliens without they not making an application. if Dr. Douglas (Present minister of Culture) has the authority, why did Joan Yuille Williams (Past Minister of Culture) not have same Authority. Shame on you Anand Ramlogan,

No Bede, we have too many IDIOTS in commanding positions, starting from the Government and trickling downward.

It's "SHOW" time.  No one sign-up to study "CARNIVAL ART MANAGEMENT OF FESTIVAL" so they they are going to sign-up 30 Nigerians.

How do these Politicians arrive at these decisions?!!  30 SCHOLARSHIPS to help reduce crime on the streets of Nigeria?!! Are we playing GODfather here??!! 30 SCHOLARSHIPS????  Dr Lincoln Douglas Sir, I thought our Prime Minister says that Trinidad and Tobago was not an ATM machine?!!!!!!

George,  this is only a sample of what is happening world-wide.  If this news flash came out this week, so too did the UN's   agenda where they want Western Nations to spend more money to assist nations that have been wasting foreign aid for years.  The west must now pay non-western nations for whatever inclement weather nature has dumped in their laps, because it is "our" fault.  Global warming/global cooling, and all the Eco-fascists numb nuts.  They are now saying that the west should pay the Philippines for the tornado of two weeks ago.    If the talking heads behind this venture had a dram of common sense, they would give those scholarships to Trinidadians first.  They must help the Nigerians rise to the top on the backs of their own people. 

In the USA a person who attend college and take out a student loan, it takes them approx 20 years to pay it back, TT have FREE education up to Tertiary level and it is going begging - the Govt spend $40 million dollars to develop the G-PAN & PHI where are these pans today????????????????? UWI & UTT offer degrees for pan tuning, arranging & management FREE - check the classroom and count how many TT nationals taking advantage of these courses!!!!!!!!

It is not the GOVT or Pan Trinbago fault for TT losing the pan business - IT IS WE....we do not appreciate NOTHING.....we only COMPLAIN & CRITICIZE.....

Good point Garvin but maybe if they offer these courses at a vocational level they might attract more applicants.

Frankly I don't see how a degree in pan tuning could help someone outside T&T.

Cecil, I am telling you we in Trini to damn happy, we are only looking for an EXCUSED - Imagine we have 17,000 illegal Jamaicans, 12,000 illegal Guyanese, Nigerians etc etc and Trini's complaing they want a JOB - Trini's want to start on Top.....

Yes Gavin! ... and they want to start ON TOP with the music too. That is beyond laughable!



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