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Unsung Heroes by Debra ‘Pan Diva’ Romain and Alexander D Great

United Kingdom - Unsung Heroes pays tribute to the people who contribute for love of culture. Inspired by, the fact that we have been guilty of celebrating achievement after people have died. Therefore, it is an attempt to change our mindset collectively, to recognise and to celebrate each other. This original composition celebrates some people who are beacons of culture, hope, activism, creativity and community.

Unsung Hero

Also mentioned are defenders of our legacy, the people behind the scenes who facilitate the continuation of carnival arts. The song celebrates some of the people who use their talent to help others shine.

A musical salute, is given to the community teachers and youth workers who give tirelessly and wholeheartedly

The piece concludes by recognising the community response to the Grenfell fire. In this tragedy, Notting Hill demonstrated an unforgettable unity, standing strong side by side.

The song is a thank you to all who are mindful of a culture that preceded them and strive to maintain it.

Written and composed by Debra ‘Pan Diva’ Romain and Alexander D Great.

Sung by Alexander D Great and Debra Romain

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