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Well dey ban me from talking about the FORENSIC AUDIT and they even want to ban me from attacking KEITH DIAZ on this forum

So I doh know what to talk about any more. If I talk about how THE PARTY flood out DEM YANKEES out of the RUSSIA CUP -- ah bong to get in more trouble.

And the CIP was supposed to bring some supporters on this forum to keep the attacks on KEITH DIAZ going on the FORUM. But once they hear that DOLLY and DIAZ had a private meeting and work out dey PARTY BUSINESS dey stop posting on the forum.

Any time GREGORY LINDSAY want ah crash course in POLITICS IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO he should sign up with me. Ah teaching him for FREE.

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Nah, is de Balisier.

Mercer: And if yuh see the long list ah names of the fellahs who was supposed to TAKE OVER PAN TRINBAGO from KEITH DIAZ and run the TING with integrity and global control of the music and instruments. (Don't forget that PAN TRINBAGO is: "The world governing body for steelpan worldwide.")

About 20 names was on that list and everybody sitting back and waiting to storm the offices and start collecting big salary with plenty perks. But none ah dem was brave enough to come on the forum and fight the virtual battle. Is poor Gregory Lindsay and Aquil Arrindell dey push in front to take all the heat. And dem two fellahs did not have a clue on how the politics really does run in T&T.

Imagine after KEITH DIAZ steal 34 MILLION DOLLARS (ah hear is even more than that) from the PAN TRINBAGO COFFERS, the MINISTER OF CULTURE finally call the man in to have a sit down earlier this year. Now you know that I does always say that KEITH DIAZ IS THE GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD. But even KEITH shaking ah little bit as he enter the office to talk to the BIG MINISTER. So the man planning to bring out his best skills!!!

But when the MINISTER start to talk -- even KEITH DIAZ SHOCK!!! She say I know that there were some spurious financial claims made against you especially by that fellah named Claude Gonzales on WST and that other mauvaise langue BASSANT fellah -- but we have bigger fish to fry because as Michael Joseph rightly stated: we africans must stick together.

Well KEITH DIAZ cannot believe his luck because deep down in his heart he thought that he might be getting some walking papers and and then he would have to take THE PARTY to court and all that bacchanal. But is when he get the rest of the GOOD NEWS that the man nearly dead with joy.

She then went on to tell him that THE PARTY needs him to remain president and control things (THE PAN MEN) until 2020. Well the polished politician that KEITH DIAZ is, he quickly came back to his best form and said: I was thinking 2021. But Dolly responded stoically: 2020!!! And that was the end of the meeting.

Now Aquil Arrindell come on this forum and tell me that my cyrstal ball crack and I eh seeing things right. But I did done call that 2020 shot long before the meeting.


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