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With the formation of the "BIG 5"  FOUNDATION -- Clearly, THE CIP IS DEAD!!!

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It a beautiful concept. If the BIG FIVE have what it takes to move the movement into the global market, then the CIP mission is accomplish. Then whether the CIP is dead or alive would becomes insignificant. We the global community of steel pan need good governance withinthe steel pan movement. That is the meat of the matter.


CIP is needed more now than ever. What the BIG Five is attempting to do is important in terms of developing an industry that will maximize Pan from Trinidad and Tobago. It does not address the corruption of Rolly Polly and the gangstas.. The presence of the BIG Five foundation should strengthened CIP. 


Look, in the WHOLE OF TRINIDAD with 1.3+ million people, it have TWO political parties. But when it come to PAN POLITICS with about 350,000 PNM supporters (ah get that number from Keith Diaz) -- it have about FIVE political parties.

Does that make any sense?

I think it is time for the CIP to throw away that 2000+ page manifesto and go knocking on the door of the BIG 5 and try to join forces.

The sad thing is that NOBODY believes me when I repeat for the 1000th time that KEITH DIAZ will be running PAN TRINBAGO until 2020. Now, it have plenty OLE TALK on this forum but the projected KEITH DIAZ DOMINANCE OF PAN is the GOSPEL. Even a cat living in ah oven could look out and see that!!!

So all who think that they are going to be sitting in the PAN TRINBAGO OFFICES reading the papers and flying all around the world and allocating massive honorariums to themselves and feeding off the gate receipts and scalping panorama tickets and driving in rented cars and collecting big salaries with multiple added allowances and getting paid consulting fees to run PANORAMA -- hold on to your DAY JOBS for another THREE YEARS.


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