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When is Doctor Dolly going to start this forensic audit?

I thought we had a hidden agenda (not so hidden) on this forum to remove KEITH DIAZ from office and put in place an honest and effective administration with a GLOBAL VISION for PAN.

PANORAMA done and man head still tie up in CARNIVAL.

Concerned Pan People (ah wish Gregory Lindsay will come on the forum and explain why they changed the name from UPPM) trying but if Doctor Dolly could light the audit match she could really burn down the KEITH DIAZ administration in a flash.

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I saw somewhere that the audit has already started.


I hope that she is NOT Grandcharging, not only would she look bad, but also the NCC and by extension the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

Actually, I think that she is AFRAID of KEITH DIAZ. There are really NO LIMITS to what KEITH DIAZ would do to hold on to that office for another 4 YEARS!!!

I really want to give her the benefit of the doubt but, unfortunately, every time I have seen her interviewed she appears to be in over her head on this one. Hopefully she's just playing possum and is really laying a trap to take out KD and company.

"in over her head on this one"

Very kind of you, Michael!!!


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