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This could be a new day dawning for STEELBANDS in Trinidad. Perhaps we could enter the era of TRANSPARENCY. What if after THE CONCERT the BIG 5 sends a representative to WHEN STEEL TALKS who discloses all the numbers pertaining to the show. A complete breakdown on attendance and gate receipts and income from sponsors and income from refreshments and parking and what have you (they like to say "what have you" down in Trinidad) against ALL EXPENSES -- giving the general public a true and honest PROFIT and LOSS report from the show.

That level of TRANSPARENCY could put the ISF/BIG 5 in very good standing with a lot of EXPATS around the world. And I could see how such an act could help THE ORGANIZATION both locally and globally.

My expectation is for the BIG 5/ISF to put on about THREE CONCERTS for the year. So we have to start planting seeds to make the shows profitable. If they are smart they could take a LOSS from this show and make a CORNERSTONE for future PROFIT.

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“Here is the problem!!! That BIG ELEVEN is a team of HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL LOCALS who have decided to tackle the PAN STAGNANCY PROBLEM. But they are all looking at it from the INSIDE. And because of their individual successes, I don't think that they are capable of listening to anybody from the OUTSIDE. In their minds they have the GLOBAL GAME all figured out. They do not have a clue as to how many STEELBANDS and PAN MEN it has in place already all over the world -- like you said.”

I address these concerns with a comment I made in another post about CHANGE, “you are like a blind-folded person walking into a familiar room where some-one has removed the chair.”

DISTRIBUTION of your musical products in the Global market-place alongside your touring steelbands can become an additional source of revenue for your GROWING steelband music industry, you have on-line viewership a fast growing audience that’s competing with TV audiences in cities across the globe, the ease of access is making billions for companies who own the platforms/infrastructure on which these products are delivered. Time to re-consider what’s at stake here; is it about selling your music or celebrating your country?

Yeah CH, to ENHANCE CARNIVAL, and it/pan did that, also, remember that carnival was here with the shango/drumming, before it became mobile and/or movable, where the drums were OUTLAWED, and that was when the bamboo tamboo, dust bin lids, bottle and spoon, bugles and irons, phased out the bells etc etc etc, and the tin cups and tin pans, Frico milk cans, C-C Mel cans, Ovaltine, and Klim Milk cans, Pitch oil tins, Sweet oil tins, Paint pans,the Cos-tic soda drum and Biscuit drums,  before the 55 gallon oil drum derived in 1945, you probably was a toddler at the time CH, and just maybe you may have a vague memory of it, yes CH it did ENHANCE CARNIVAL quite a bit, to where it is now/today, and the DJs has just defunct/destroyed it all, get rid of the DJs, and you get carnival back the way it was period...


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