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Would a SLOW JAM competition held after the national Panorama appeal to specators???

From a YouTube poster...Jerry Dolabaille

It's my firm belief that there should be a competition for arrangements done at SLOW JAM tempo. To the average listener like myself we will be better able to identify intricate passages and also feel the mood of the arranger. There is so much to hear at this speed unlike the normal pace at which Panorama songs are played. It even allows for full clarity of all instruments which could be overpowered by sustained sounds during Panorama competition. There is little bouncing around of sounds and its clearer and easier to identify which instrument is doing what. I don't believe that during a panorama competition the judges are able to hear everything with only one pass. So the entire music or piece of music is not judged. We the spectators must clamor for a SLOW JAM competition held after the national Panorama.

Despers - In My House slow jam Sanch Electonix LTD 2017 Panorama Champions 1999 Arranger Clive Bradley Art work by LeRoy Clarke https://youtu.be/CF7LOZoWCsY?list=PLJ...

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Renegades - Good Morning Slow Jamz

2017 Steelband Panorama Prelims
Arranger Duvone Stewart
Recorded by UTT/ Music Technology.

Jerry makes a good point about the PANORAMA MUSIC. But after PANORAMA, PAN is DEAD in T&T -- until the next PANORAMA. (This upcoming BIG 5 CONCERT is a big test for the PROMOTERS.)

And the arrangers have to be careful with which CALYPSOS they choose to SLOW JAM. As a lifelong CALYPSO LOVER I will continue to say that NOT EVERY CALYPSO could be played on PAN. And some that work well at HIGH SPEED PANORAMA do  not work very well in the SLOW JAM.

I tried to listen to that "GOOD MORNING" by Rengades under this topic and it was as BAD AS IT GETS. And everyone knows that FEW CALYPSOS have excited me -- in decades -- as much as GOOD MORNING did.

We used to get the slow jam on the road, but no body want to talk about the road again. The day they take the road seriously is the day the steelband move forward.

Thanks to GLENROY JOSEPH for making this music available!!!

Cecil: You should put up this recording under a new topic!!! Music sweet too bad!!! You could hear all the influences that pass down in the PAN MUSIC so clearly!!!

Aye Claude yuh hear Iron.

Ah have to concede: LOUD and CLEAR!!!

Could not MISS IT!!!

Going back to the future with slow jams...let the competition begin steelbands moving around Jean Pierre complex. An invitation for the youth steelbands.


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