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It just looks as if the NEXT legitimate attempt to remove this corrupt executive will come in OCTOBER 2018.

Gregory and Dane and Aquil gave it a good shot; but the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ is just too politically skilled to be overthrown by subjects from his kingdom.

I am a bit surprised that more people do not understand the politics like KEITH DIAZ and DOCTOR DOLLY and I do.

But it is what it is!!!

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I wouldn't mind attending the meeting but I have a prior engagement on Wednesday coming...Maybe another time...

Yes -- Merrytones must attend.


That LINEUP make meh MISS Trinidad for the first time in decades!!! Real good CAST!!!

merrytonestothebone: Like the CIP looking to sign you to a BIG CONTRACT!!! Next thing I know I have to start addressing you as THE RIGHT HONOURABLE MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE.

Man, between the NBA PLAYOFFS and DONALD TRUMP breaking all his promises and the CIP REVOLUTION and looking for a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE for the 2020 elections -- I too old to keep up with all the action!!!

But before you sign that CIP CONTRACT scan it and send it to me for FURTHER REVIEW!!!

I hear you merry tones. You ent talk, you preach.

The young must begin by being more active in the affairs of their bands/orchestras/panyards.

It is at the same time the sacred responsibilities of the current and past leadership, to encourage as many of the young players as you can to become active and to mentor them, trust them and listen to them.

The units of the  movement must find ways to consistently convince new cohorts of leadership that it's not only about playing for panorama. It's about growing,developing and managing a people's art form.
Do these things and the Movement will consistently produce the right leaders, who may not necessarily the best musicians.

So correct Kevin,and if  PanTrinbago had seen the merit in having development programs to assist bands in having trained personnel in the myriad of skills needed to produce a world class product and better communities,T&T would have been in a much better place than it is at present.


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