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Steel Orchestras have to get together and brainstorm how to get into the Transportation and the Chroming of Pans Business.

I may not have the dollar, you may not have the dollar, he/she may not have the dollar. However, if WE get into COLLECTIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP, WE WILL HAVE THE DOLLARS.

From 2007 through 2017, The Large Bands Panorama Finalists have grossed $60,750,000.00 in prize monies.

It is time the Steel Orchestras work so they can benefit.

The Truckers, The…


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Dear WST Members,

                                   I have the playing positions of the panorama winners from 1963 to 2016, except for 1968, 1969, 1971, 1989 and 1990.

At present, more winners have emerged performing at #8 and #10.

Most in the pan world do not like performing at position #1. However, would you believe that more steel orchestras have won more times playing at position #1 than #2, #3, #4, #5, #11, #12 and #13.

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Congratulations to Lauderhill Steel Ensemble on you victory at Florida's 2016 Panorama

My thanks to all who complimented our Panorama Victory. I am mostly thankful that although I did go to Trinidad to ask for help from 3 Desperadoes panists, it did not come to fruition. No one from Desperadoes performed with LSE at the Florida Panorama on October 8th, 2016. LSE was the laughing stock of the pan world in Florida. Now that they won on their second attempt at Panorama, some are taking cheap shots, such as "we used players from Desperadoes," "we played under tents" and "we knew…


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My format for playing positions at the 2015 International Panorama

I was concerned that if the format for the bands playing positions was the same as the Trinidad Panorama, and all the top guns picked in the first 10.  Well, that would not happen at the 2015 ICP Panorama.

I heard on radio that the bands would be grouped,                              so I am hoping for the following or similar 6-group format.

All Stars<>United States<>Canada<>Steel Explosion

Phase II<>United States<>Canada<>Super…


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Condolences to the first 9-bass panist, Mr. Joseph "Franklyn" Gerald on the passing of his mother.

Mrs. Lilita Hazzard mother of "Franklyn" and Gerald passed on in Trinidad. She would have celebrated her 87th birthday in July. Mrs. Hazzard will be buried on Monday. RIP mom, and all the best to you "Franklyn", the first 9-bass panist in 1974, and the family 

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Panorama Prelims Small and Medium on Talk Radio 91.1fm

The Panorama Preliminaries Small and Medium is steaming on Talk Radio 91.9fm. I am locked on now.

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Happy Birthday to Dennis "Tash" Ash performer at 45 Panorara Finals

Mr. Dennis "Tash" Ash is a double second panist in Desperadoes Steel Orchestra since 1961.  He is one of the five who played on all 10 of Desperadoes Panorama victories.  From 1963 to 2014, Dennis played at 50 of the 52 Panorama Preliminaries and 45 of the 51 Finals.  For the older panmen, do you all remember when Desperadoes won the 1965 Prime Minister's Trophy performing the most difficult classical piece at that time, "The Marriage of Figaro?" Those double second men amazed the Queen's…


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Mr. Rudolph "Charlo" Charles was honoured posthumously with the Chaconia Silver Medal

Mr. Rudolph Charles, aka Charlo, Trail, The General and The Hammer was honoured by the Head of State of Trinidad and Tobago, President Anthony Carmora.  The ceremony took place in St Ann's, Port of Spain on August 31st 2014, which was the 52nd anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago's Independence.

Mr. Charles was awarded with the Chaconia Silver Medal, 29 years after his passing in 1985.  His medal was received by his brother, Mr. Kenneth "KC" Charles.

"Charlo" was first a member…


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Arrangers honoured at Pan on D Avenue, #3

The organizers of Pan on D Avenue honoured 12 arrangers of the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago on August 23rd 2014. This Pan Parade was first held in 2012.                                                              

Because of the late start, the hostess could not mention some of the accomplishments of these 12 arrangers, and some of the awards were not presented on the air. These are some of the language I was looking forward on hearing about three of the arrangers who…


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The Funeral of Alonzo Derrick Jones a bassist from Phase II will be churched in St. James, Trinidad on March 17, 2014

On behalf of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra our condolences are out to the family and friends of the late Mr. Alonzo Jones. Mr.Jones was a bassist with the Phase II Steel Orchestra, and will be buried in Trinidad, on March 17th 2014.

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Condolences to Mr. Kenneth '"Panam" Clake on the passing of his mother

On behalf of Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and the pan world at large our condolences go out to Mr. Kenneth "Panam" Clarke on the passing of his loving mother, Mrs. Dorcas Clarke-Charles, who passed on at Mt. Hope Hospital, Trinidad in the morning of March 8th 2014.

As the pan world knows, Mrs. Clarke's son, Kenneth, is the youngest pannist at 9 years old that toured with the great North Stars in 1964.

May Mrs. Dorcas Clarke-Charles, RIP

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Do you think 13 days between Panorama Semis and Finals is too long?

I once posed this question to Pan Trinbago and received a professional reply. Also, do you think the medium and large bands should be slated for the same night?

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From a JUDGING point of view these are the 5 best panorama performances

The following are the winning panorama  pieces

(1) 1986: All Stars with arrangement by Len "Smooth" Edwards                 "The Hammer"

(2) 1987: Phase II with arrangement by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe                      "This Feeling Nice"

(3) 2010: Silver Stars with arrangement by Edwin Pouchet

"Battle Zone"

The following are the best non-winning panorama pieces.

1986: Phase II/Len Sharpe "Pan…


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Pan Is Beautiful XII Orchestras results

The last leg of Pan Is Beautiful XII, which was the Orchestras Category, took place at The Savannah in Port of Spain, Trinidad on November 16th, 2013.

The following are the results:

(1) CODRINTON PAN FAMILY         577

(2) INVADERS                                571

(3) COUVA JOYLANDERS              566

(4) RENEGADES                            550

(5) EXODUS                                   547

(6) PAN ELDERS                          …


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Pan Is Beautiful XII Single Pans results

The third leg of finals at Pan Is Beautiful XII was held on November 10th 2013. This time it was the Single Pans Category and 9 bands participated. The following are the results.

1st MARSICANS {545} "Donkey Kong Country 2" by David Wise arranged by Frank Alleyne & Marlon White.

2nd UNI STARS {538} "Tempest" by Kareem Brown & also arranged by Kareem Brown.

3rd D' Original WOODBROOK MODERNAIRES {532} "The Eleventh Hour" by Arddin Herbert who also arranged &…


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Pan Is Beautiful XII Soloists & Ensemble Results

The finals for Pan Is Beautiful XII, Soloist and Ensemble categorIes were held on November 8th, 2012 at NAPA in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

"Plenty Music but not Plenty support"                                                     The staff of Napa+The competitors=Pan Supporters

Let no one place blame on Pan Trinbago.


1st JOSHAU JABARI BEDEAU 280 "Call me Hero" by Venessa…


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2013 Pan Is Beautiful XII Conventional Finalists are chosen

The Preliminary round for the Conventional Steel Orchestras for Pan Is Beautiful II, were held on October 19th & 20th respectively, at the Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad.

There were 14 entrants, of which 8 qualified for the finals that is scheduled to be held at The Jean Pierre Complex on November 16th.

The Codrinton Pan Family topped the field with 522 marks, They performed, "The Pan with Love our gift to the World" a composition of father and son, Cary and…


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Bertie Marshall Boulevard replaces Old St.Joseph Road.

Congratulations to the Highlanders Steel Orchestra Foundation for spearheading and accomplishing their goal of renaming a popular Road in honour of Pan Icon, Pannist, Arranger, Tuner and Innovator   the late MR. BERTIE MARSHALL.

Old St. Joseph Road, named over 200 years ago which runs East in Success Village, Laventille was renamed on October 17th 2013,       BERTIE MARSHALL BOULEVARD.                                                      

I am aware that a Boulevard is used for…


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Congratulations to the promoters of Pan Royale 2013

The 12th Pan Royale concert at QRC grounds commenced promptly at 7:pm on October 12th, 2013. I am indeed impress that a scheduled start time for a "pan show" came to fruition. (lol)

After the playing of our National Anthem, Renegades Steel Orchestra were introduced, and they started off with their 2006 tune of choice at Pan in the 21st Century, "All Night Long"<> Next was a Reggae piece with Duvonne Stewart expatiating his soloing skills on an E-Pan. "Pant O Mine" and "Steelband…


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