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New York's Pan Community Loses One Of It's High Profile Members

Brooklyn man fatally slashes longtime girlfriend in neck then tries to kill himself: cops A 58-year-old Brooklyn man fatally slashed his l…

Started by Pan TimesLatest Reply

Revisited -- Veteran Pan Men Set Sights on Anti-War Short Film

Global - That unforgettable sight—for those who have been to “the front,”—of the battery being poured over in preparation for firing, is th…

Started by Pan TimesLatest Reply

Team Re-build Sweeps Pan Trinbago 2018 Elections -- Congratulations to Team Re-Build

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to all members of Team Re-Build, whose slate of candidates was 100% successful, along with Ms. San…

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When KEITH DIAZ was PRESIDENT everybody screaming for PAN PLAYERS to get paid since April; now BEVERLEY is President and this is November and everybody quiet on the subject!!!

That is real hypocrisy!!! Even dem CIP MEN gone silent. I really get fool on this forum thinking that fellahs like Cecil and bugs and Earl…

Started by Claude Gonzales

1 3 hours ago
Reply by Ingrid Blackwood-Belle

Ah tell allyuh that dey KILLING EXPATS when dey go to TRINIDAD and allyuh doh believe me ...

I could write ah long story on this and the political motivation ... but this is a PNM FORUM!!! Nicholson's husband said while he visits T…

Started by Claude Gonzales

1 16 hours ago
Reply by Claude Gonzales

I think that BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE should give AQUIL ARRINDELL a special appointment in her CABINET!!!

Imagine if MARCUS ASH and AQUIL ARRINDELL were both involved in PAN PROGRESS in PAN TRINBAGO. PAN PROGRESS will take off like a ROCKET unde…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 17 hours ago

A momentary lapse of reason ... I HOPE!!! But I know better since this is an AFRO-CENTRIC PNM FORUM!!!

As merrytonestothebone likes to say: What cockroach doing in FOWL BUSINESS? But I feel compelled to EXPLAIN some THINGS POLITIC to THIS FOR…

Started by Claude Gonzales

1 18 hours ago
Reply by Claude Gonzales

Ah doh know why I think that I am the only MAN in the THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD who understands THIS CALYPSO (intrinsically)...

Yuh think BOOGSIE could come in the STATES and say he PLAY JAZZ ...

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 21 hours ago

I have some advice for BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE. I have previously said it in simpler terms but I will try again and hope that she could get the picture ...

Now I see your tendency which is to turn PAN TRINBAGO into a MINI GOVERNMENT and act as if you are the PRIME MINISTER. But that approach is…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 yesterday

2018 - Pan Trinbago Regional Elections Nominations

Election of Officers to the various Pan Trinbago Regional Executive is carded for Thursday 29 November 2018 at venues in the respective re…

Started by Pan Times

2 yesterday
Reply by Mercer Ramdoo

Mighty Sparrow: the king of calypso on freedom, Windrush and oral sex

Can you put on the TV news?” asks Slinger Francisco, AKA Mighty Sparrow. While the photographer sets up in my living room in Queens, New Y…

Started by Pan Times

1 yesterday
Reply by odw

Well the SUPER MAJORITY putting real pressure on the lone ALIEN in the CAMP!!!

The PRO should have the right to go to the press and release a statement. Or to come on WHEN STEEL TALKS and give us an UPDATE. Michael Jos…

Started by Claude Gonzales

4 yesterday
Reply by earl richards

Putting convicts to work [to make PANS, too] a good move

"That the minister was able to get approval for his plan to use prison inmates to tear down the existing structure is a credit to his resou…

Started by Claude Gonzales

1 yesterday
Reply by earl richards


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