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TOMORROW (August 11th, 2019) promises to be an HISTORIC DAY for STEELBAND MUSIC as the WORLD STEELPAN DAY is launched. I applaud the efforts of BERTEL GITTENS and SIMEON SANDIFORD!!!

At 11 a.m. tomorrow (August 11th, 2019) the WORLD STEELPAN DAY is going to be LAUNCHED at the PAN TRINBAGO HEADQUARTERS in PORT OF SPAIN, T…

Started by Claude GonzalesLatest Reply

Liberty's Tina Charles set to debut documentary on her father at Tribeca Film Festival

Rawlston Charles, an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago, promoted Calypso and Soca music to the world through his record store and his musi…

Started by Pan TimesLatest Reply

I have come to the conclusion that 1947 is the year that the first TENOR PAN was BUILT (in T&T) using a 55 gallon OIL DRUM!!!

If you go around the PAN CHAT FORUMS you will see hundreds of PAN LOVERS talking about PAN in the SIXTIES and SEVENTIES and a little bit in…

Started by Claude GonzalesLatest Reply

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BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE keeps trying to convince everybody that STEELBANDS are the solution to CRIME; but we have over 200 STEELBANDS today and crime is worse than ever ...

Even the HIGH BRASS in the POLICE and the MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY throwing up dey hand in the air -- but BEVERLEY trying to convince…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 yesterday

Is "THE IRON" dead (or dying) in the MODERN STEELBAND?

It is true that EARLY RICHARDS is writing a CALYPSO titled "SHE WANT MORE IRON IN THE BAND" but I have been running into a few comments her…

Started by Claude Gonzales

13 on Tuesday
Reply by Claude Gonzales

I am quite willing to go down THE ROAD that MR. GERARD CLARKE and MR. GEORGE RAMPERSAD were trying to lead me -- but I want them to read this article FIRST (Session Notes: Recording Steel Drums)

Session Notes: Recording Steel Drums "Recording Steel Drums: Our engineer rises to the unfamiliar challenge of capturing a loud steel band…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 on Monday

I was looking at an INTERVIEW on CNN tonight and the INTERVIEWEE said: CHANGE ALWAYS COMES FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!

Now, I don't know if I AGREE or DISAGREE with that statement. RUSSELL PROVIDENCE is the RESIDENT PHILOSOPHER on THIS FORUM because he has R…

Started by Claude Gonzales

2 on Sunday
Reply by odw

Ingrid Blackwood-Belle: Please come back and spend some time with us on THIS FORUM -- I have so much news for you!!!

Ingrid: We are missing you, girl!!! We need your participation with all the DRAMA surrounding BEVERLEY and the AUDIT REPORT and the VEE PEE…

Started by Claude Gonzales

3 on Saturday
Reply by Claude Gonzales

Dem PAN PEOPLE really EASY TO FOOL!!! Yuh take over a CORPORATION that was 60 MILL in debt and after 6 months you made a BOASTFUL ACCOUNCEMENT that you had reduced the debt by 18 MILLION ...

All yuh SHAREHOLDERS start CLAPPING and calling you THE GREATEST PRESIDENT in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. But you offered ZERO DETAILS on how…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 on Saturday

BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE needs to learn how to TAKE IN FRONT before IN FRONT TAKE BEVERLEY ... Earl Richards and Cecil Hinkson need to give her some LESSONS ...

Yuh see, BEVERLEY grew up in a CULTURE OF SECRECY -- but that is NOT going to work in TRINIDAD. She thought that NOBODY did not have the AU…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 Nov 7

Now usually I try to keep some kind of integrity in my postings -- but I am taking some liberties with THIS STORY about how THE CIP fired GREGORY LINDSAY just because he OPPOSED BEVERLEY RAMSEY ...

Aquil Arrindell, Gerard Mendez, Dane Gulston and all dem CIP MEN want TO KILL Gregory Lindsay just because he wants to RELEASE some storie…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 Nov 7

Long live the RE-EVOLUTION at Pan Trinbago ... only TWO SOLDIERS left in the OPPOSITION!!!!

Well BEVERLEY win over EVERYBODY to the NO TRANSPARENCY side of the PAN TRINBAGO RIVER BANK. And is only TWO MEN left to fight for the RE-E…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 Nov 7

DENISE HERNANDEZ: It is time for you to take a more PUBLIC ROLE in representing PAN TRINBAGO ...

Denise: I could understand BEVERLEY not being prepared to handle intense questioning from the CITY PRESS CORPS, but the need for some IMAGE…

Started by Claude Gonzales

0 Nov 6


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