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The President General of the OWTU said that Wednesday morning the union will serve strike notice on state-owned Petrotrin. He says after the strike begins the workers will not return to work unless Petrotrin has a new president.

Now ah see Boogsie and Dane hollering at the top of their voice for the PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE to step down. Well, all they have to do is to build solidarity among the 178 steelbands and threaten not to play for PANORAMA 2017 unless PanTrinbago has a new president. Added to that they could hold a massive protest outside the PanTrinbago offices with a little march around town. And they could also follow the Byron Serrette model and run to every media house in town and country stating their case for a NEW PRESIDENT.

This is the first time I have seen Keith Diaz on the edge of the precipice. A little push by Boogsie and Dane and nobody eh quite see what happen but Keith Diaz had a fatal fall. And since the police in Trinidad have a very low murder detection rate -- good chance both Boogsie and Dane could end up as part of the NEW EXECUTIVE of PAN TRINBAGO.

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Pan men who know what pan men need. Ah kinda like that. Right now they need what is due them, ent?


1.Do all steelbands,large, medium, small or aspiring have the same number of voting representatives?

2. Are the number of voting representatives proportionate to the number of members in each band?

If the answer to question 1 is yes, you need to restructure, this system is akin to the Electoral College, not a good role model.

But first things first: Payment for 2016 Panorama performances. One year late? Yu-mad-o-what!!!

Then restructure, have elections and get reorganized, this will require solidarity among members and it can be done.Pan people are neither  stupid nor cowardly-wisdom and strength will rule the day.

Thank you, Lillian. First things first. Pymt for panorama 2016 then...........whatever.

It might be simple, but sophisticated in its brilliance as to what the doctor prescribes to remedy the malady, ent...

Along with the next effective order, which is to form a "Steelpan Trade Union" apart from PT.

It is the way to progress the natural order of the Steelpan Movement (Items: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13 and 15).


Any recommendations by Roget would be purile and redundant.The man is a poor imitation of a wanna be Jackass.( Note the capital "J").

He is talking about Ancel Roget, leader of the OWTU... Roderick are you against the person or the idea of a trade union for steelpan workers in T&T???

Andre: I think that Patrick was being facetious with the question marks, implying: "Whey yuh coming from with that talk?" Now I also understand the point that Roderick was making.

For years and years the TRINIDAD GUARDIAN had live discussion forums under almost all of their articles but after Rowley became PM I think that he made them cut those discussions out because they were very FAIR and BALANCED (not PNM-centric) and exposed a lot of wrongs in Trinidad, even if they were sometimes blunt and crude.

It was common to have numerous stories about Ancel Roget and his union appear in the Guardian at that time and they were usually met with truckloads of bile and vituperation directed at Ancel Roget from all quarters. So I could understand why Roderick took the position he did on seeing Roget's name mentioned in this WST context.

But think about this!!! If Roget did call a strike in the south against the Petrotrin President and at the same time Boogsie and Dane call a "strike" against Pan Trinbago in the North -- can you imagine how much FREE PRESS Boogsie and Dane and the movement against KEITH DIAZ will get? That will be a platform for Boogsie and Dane to make a case to the NATION for the removal of Kieth Diaz from office.

Boogsie is a man who could call up any MEDIA PLATFORM in Trinidad and demand AIR TIME or PRINT TIME and he will not be denied. He could drag Dane along with him and the representation could widen as the tide of resentment against Keith Diaz rises higher. Meaning that they could bring in better orators for the cause along the way.

Allyuh know how much time and energy I (and Cecil and Bugs and Bertel) spend on this forum fighting to dethrone Keith Diaz -- I sure would like to see these two PILLARS of PAN finish the job. And today's climate offers our best chance!!!

I thought so, but was not sure, so I leaned in to edify those unfamiliar with the licks some like to lay on the trade union movement in T&T...  The trouble is, the pan community lacks leadership to do what GSG did in 1979 (notwithstanding Despers).  So whether the troops will follow the clarion-call from Boogsie and Dane is left to be seen.  That is why a Trade Union for steelpan workers makes sense.  They do have a few to choose from though so we'll see how things unfold...

You call it  lacks "LEADERSHIP" and I call it lacks "ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS" -- same difference!!!

Wow! Really makes sense

Pay the Panmen their money and reconstruct. The present PT administration has to go.


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