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Team Re-build introduces themselves to the WST Forum - Pan Trinbago 2018 Elections



The name BEVERLY RAMSEY-MOORE is respected by ALL, this is due to my unquestionable track record in leadership and governance. Just to name a few:

  • Present manager of Petrotrin Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra
  • Elected to the Tobago House of Assembly for eight years.
  • Served as Secretary with responsibility for Community Development and Culture and Assistant Secretary for Youth and Sport in the THA.
  • Head of Community Liaison Unit - Ministry of Tobago Development.

Team Re-Build represents Strong leadership You Can Trust. We believe in the institution Pan Trinbago.  This Organization is the largest cultural entity in Trinidad and Tobago and was formally incorporated by an Act of Parliament.  Act 5 of 1986 conferred extensive powers on the organization to act locally and internationally in all manner to further the development of the steel pan and to protect the interest and welfare of its members.

We must always put our members first and never abuse the granted power as enshrined in the Act and our constitution for personal aggrandizement and the betrayal of the membership. What is happening in the organization today must never raise its ugly head again. No Executive must be a law unto itself. Our leaders must always be held accountable and our constitution must empower its members to treat with leaders who have abrogated their responsibilities and have treated the membership with contempt.

Change is Coming, We will Rebuild

The Member Bands are the organization's greatest assets and must never be taken for granted. Although we are facing challenges they are not insurmountable. Pan spirit is resilient, and we know without any shadow of doubt that we will Rebuild, and we will Recover. Tough times do not last but tough people do.

To Rebuild we must uproot the culture of corruption, mismanagement, wastage, misappropriation and laziness and stand on pillars of Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Fairness, Productivity and Excellence.

PAN is Community  

PAN is Industry  

PAN is Prosperity

Never again will the pan community be hewers of wood and drawers of water. We will work towards improving our operations, build skills and provide better service to our members. Through the collaborative efforts with government, NGO's and other private sector organizations Pan Trinbago will be a powerful agent of change. We are Real and Ready, highly organized, motivated and enthusiastic to get the job done.


Pan TrinBago Strong  

Together We will Rebuild




  • Present Chairman for Pan Trinbago Eastern Region
  • Manager Potential Symphony Steel Orchestra and Potential Music School
  • Coordinator for music schools in the Pan Yard
  • Member of the pan fraternity for the past thirty-two (32) years
  • Musician at the National Steel Symphony Orchestra for the past twenty (20) years
  • Champion Arranger, Composer and successful business entrepreneur
  • An advocate for the success and development of the pan industry
  • Creative; Innovator, holds integrity, selfless, team oriented, motivator, results-oriented, transparent, committed and efficient when managing operations


My record as Chairman of the Eastern Region proves my integrity and capacity to endure under adverse conditions. I have been an advocate for the success of our fraternity. I have gone above and beyond for this association. PAN is my JOB, PAN is my JOY, PAN is my LIFE.





  • Served as Education Officer on the Central Executive from 2003 to 200
  • Secretary of Pan Trinbago Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (2007)
  • Member of Massy Trinidad All Stars
  • Current secretary of CAPSS Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools
  • Retired Principal (Secondary) of Sangre Grande Secondary after 34 1/3 years in Education
  • ASCD, Headquartered in Washington D.C.: Member since 1989 / Board of Directors (2007-2010)
  • APPSS T&T – Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools (14 years)
  • CXC Integrated Science: Syllabus Panel Convenor from April 2008 to present
  • Holder of M. Ed [Teacher Education], Dip. Ed. [Administration] (Double Distinction) and a B.Sc. in Biology/Chemistry
  • Published author of several Science Textbooks


I am a dynamic, forward-thinking, innovative leader with conceptual team leadership skills that no one can contest. I have been involved in the pan fraternity for the past twenty-four (24) years and served as Education officer of the Central Executive.





  • Present Assistant Secretary for Pan Trinbago Eastern Region
  • Manager and Captain of Platinum “All Female” Steel Orchestra
  • Member of the pan industry for the past fourteen (14) years
  • Human Resource Management professional, 2010- present'
  • Holder a Master’s degree in Business Management & Administration, a Bachelors in Business Administration and an Associate Degree in Management.
  • Also holds Professional Development Certificates which include Effective Business Writing; Advanced Supervisory Management, Industrial Relations for Management Professionals and Dispute Resolution for the Workplace that will be an asset to the organisation


My love and passion for the instrument sparked my entrepreneurial spirit for owning my very own band which led to the birth of Platinum Steel Orchestra; the only functioning ALL FEMALE steel band in our island.

Throughout my journey, the appreciation for the national instrument grew and the decision was made to contest PanTrinbago regional elections after being nominated in 2015.

I am a professional and a woman of integrity, drive and humility with leadership skills, commitment and determination. It is with a firm belief, that I believe the above-mentioned qualities, qualifications and experience mentioned fully prepares me to embark on task of rebuilding Pan Trinbago and the pan fraternity. 





  • Present Chairman for Pan Trinbago Northern Region since 2012
  • Previous President of NHA Credit Union
  • Previously employed as an Accountant and Auditor I/II at HDC for the period 1968-2009
  • Attended St. Mary's college and UWI School of Continuing Studies
  • Manager of City Sun Valley Pan Groove
  • Member of the pan fraternity for the past twenty (20) years
  • Advocate for the triumph of the Pan Industry, man of integrity, committed, experienced and driven.




  • Current Secretary for Pan Trinbago - Tobago Region
  • Regional Executive member for the past eight (8) years in the capacities of Assistant secretary and Secretary.
  • Manager of Uptown Fascinators Steel Orchestra
  • A member of the pan fraternity for the past twenty-two (22) years
  • Secondary school teacher by profession for the past eight (8) years
  • Holder of a Master’s degree (MSc) in Environmental Science Management, a Degree (BSc) in Biology and Environmental and Natural Resource Management (Double Major) and a Certificate in Geographic Information System/ Land Information System (GIS/LIS).

The experience gained at the regional level and background as an educator adequately equip me with the skills necessary to design, plan and co-ordinate programmes which serve the best interest of the organisation. In my humble opinion, this is the ambit of an effective and competent Public Relations Officer.

I am an academic by nature and over the years I have listened carefully, watched closely and observed keenly those senior me and the operations of Pan Trinbago at both Regional and Central levels of the organisation. It is past time for restructuring and rebuilding, it is time for pan men and women to think about sustainability, competency, integrity, transparency and efficiency for the organisation. Gone are the days for voting popularity over capability, band over individual and friendship over the issues affecting member bands. Remember, Pan Trinbago and its executive have the responsibility to represent members in all matters pertaining to the development, growth and promotion of the steel pan but it is the membership which decides who will wield their power. I am Salisha James and I offer my service in the position of Public Relations Officer.






  • Member of Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra
  • Member of the Panazz Steel Orchestra since 1992
  • Present arranger of City Sun Valley Pan Groove
  • Received special acclaim from local and international groups for his contribution to community development
  • Has promoted the art form across the Caribbean as well as in Belize, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many cities across the United States of America
  • Respected representative of our art form throughout the years; connection with various world-renowned artistes.
  • Passionate, motivated and resilient individual that has proven that he can build lasting relationships across nations







  • Present Secretary for the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago 
  • Music Director of Nutrien Silver Stars Steel Orchestra 
  • Former member of the National Steel Symphony Orchestra 
  • Business Owner - ASETT Group of companies 
  • Educator and Youth Advocate
  • Member of the Steelpan community for 16 years.





  • Prisons Officer 1 with twenty-two (22) years of dedicated service.
  • Present Committee member for Skiffle Steel Orchestra.
  • Present Captain for Prison Service Steel Orchestra.
  • Member of the Trinidad and Tobago Prisons Service Band (vocalist).
  • Member of the Pan industry for the past thirty-two (32) years.
  • Advocate for the success of the pan fraternity.





  • Previous Executive member of the Northern Region of Pan Trinbago from 1992 to 1995
  • Previous Trustee – Central Executive Pan Trinbago elected October 2009 for a three-year period, however resigned July 2012
  • Present Manager – St James Tripolians Steel Orchestra since 1995 and Member of the Starlift Steel Orchestra 1979 to present
  • Member of the pan industry for the past forty-seven (47) years
  • Last Occupation – Manager, Retail Banking and Small Business at Scotia Bank Limited; previously Field Auditor, Retail.
  • Attended many bank courses and seminars and was also involved in the training of senior loan officers.
  • Secretary/Treasurer for Belmont Original Stylist Sailors – King Sailor
  • Advocate for culture and steelpan, Historian archivist, honored for community service, contribution to culture, vast financial experience.


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Mrs. Moore: I have to tell you that you took out a BEAUTIFUL PICTURE!!!



Claude! yuh sounding like a man with a SOUL...some old school soul.

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Claude, this is not a beauty pageant.

"Honesty, Integrity, Openness, Fairness, Productivity and Excellence"…So  guess we'll see and end to players playing with more than one band and using relatives names to claim their cheques?…Yes?… Maybe steel bands finding money to pay players…somehow...other than aiding and abetting fraud?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Lawsuits fly faster than bullets @ blinging Pan Trinbago

“It was rumored that Pan Trinbago money went into all the legal fees…..?'
‘Yeah right, Yeah Right,” he said fishing at first for a response to the question sprung on him, sitting on a chair behind a desk full of papers which by a wild stretch of the imagination he thought made him look important.
It was a Facebook Live broadcast courtesy Marcus Ash, Secretary of the Eastern Region of Pan Trinbago.
“You see there are people who will recognize when you have a good case and when you have a good case somebody will have to pay for their losses,” Richard Forteau Secretary of Pan Trinbago, under scrutiny for the first time, said.
Are you saying it is on record that Pan Trinbago…?” Marcus Ash continued. But Forteau shut him down, forestalling the direct question that may have cornered him into telling an outright lie.
Never mind that ten weeks before on April 19th, 2018, the first cheque, 0000959 for TT$22,500, was cut for Attorney Farid Scoon, who five days later brought a claim, on April 24th, 2018, against President Keith Diaz and Northern Regional Chairman Gerard Mendez and Tobago’s Regional Chairwoman, Marie Toby who were part of an interim committee appointed to run the affairs of Pan Trinbgao following an Extra Ordinary general meeting.


I will keep repeating the same question to all the candidates;

What is your plan to deall with Pan Trinbago Massive Debt?
Will you commit to making the Forensic Audit Report available to the MEMBERSHIP?
Have you been a recipient of gifts/ rewards/goodies from Pan Trinbago (e.g. Jet Blue airline tickets)?

Mr. Rogers you forgot the question about "undated resignation letters" for dismissal by membership i.e when members say to go, you go.

Ms. Ramsey-Moore has an impressive an impressive track record, but if she is still associated with those other associations, how much time will she be able  to devote to PanTrinbago business.  

Secondly, will she stationed in Trinidad or Tobago?   

Thirdly if she has to travel to and fro, who will be responsible for the travel and housing expenses when she is away from home.

If you would recall, some members of the past executive committee were double-dipping with their travel arrangements.    It came out that cars were rented for them, and on top of that they were claiming travel expenses.

It would be a shame if this should continue.

With modern day technology people can work from their home and manage multiple priorities, any one heard of video conferencing, working remotely some people visit their office once or twice a week.

The digital revolution have changed the way we live, work, shop, bank and conduct business. Pan Trinbago is operating in the dinosaur age their operations are not up to date when it comes to the latest in computer technology.

Come to think of it, Pan Trinbago don't have a Head Quarters for Pan man to conduct business.  Don't know if they have a SERVICE Desk at its present location with proper office equipment for a fully functioning business operation.


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