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Will NOTE RULE 6.3 TAKES EFFECT THIS YEAR 2019 - Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama 2018 Rules



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Anybody who has followed the politics of this last election knows that BEVERLEY could NEVER enforce this rule!!!

No one in PanTrinbago follows rules. None.

Can someone with common sense have the young arrangers and players play only present music. All older music play after the carnival season.

Common sense? Where?

Like Patrick and Mercer forgetting what song PHASE II going and play and who help who win the last PAN TRINBAGO election.

Common sense is not so common anymore, you have to TEACH people HOW to THINK.

How many Bands Reps read PT constitution or understand the the Act of 1986,

The Constitution of PanTrinbago Inc.


An Act to Incorporate Pan Trinbago - The Pan Trinbago Act of 1986


No conspiracy theories here, pan men sounding like Trump "low information" voters who follow Fox/Trump news. Know your RIGHTS as a VOTER.

Pan Elders - Me Eh Fighting For No Man

Candice Andrews-Brumant These rules are not for 2019. In the first meeting held by the new executive, the president informed the membership that for panorama 2019, a band can play any tune they choose to play. NO RESTRICTIONS. Even if what I say didn’t really happen, we are yet to receive 2019 rules so Please stop circulating wrong info?
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Kentish Borde
Kentish Borde Candice Andrews-Brumant Happy New Year . This rule is clearly stated in the rule book and described as kicking in this year . You are the captain of the national champs and should demand and insist that the executive body follow protocol when they have to change an existing rule . This is not done verbally . It leaves us the general public to wonder what else has changed without the benefit of seeing a formal printed rule book issued by this new bumbling committee. All success to you and the great Renegades Organization in the coming year .
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Does that rule hold for School bands as well?

WST: They accuse allyuh of circulating WRONG INFORMATION -- as if is allyuh who create and publish that document. Is ah lucky thing there was an HONEST VOICE in Kentish Borde. If it did not have the occasional honest voice in this PAN TING every so often ah would done gone meh way and set up my crimeintrinidad website (and ah sure that Patrick woulda join me.)

But it speaks to the bigger picture of SECRECY in this administration after promising TOTAL TRANSPARENCY (and It leaves us the general public to wonder what else has changed without the benefit of seeing a formal printed rule book issued by this new bumbling committee -- Marcus Ash dem is not my words, eh. Ah borrow dem from Kentish).

But the most depressing thing about the EXCHANGE is that when such a HIGH  RANKING pan "official" could drink the KOOL-AID and follow so devoutly without reason -- what could you expect from the LOWLY PAN PLAYERS?

The only time Beverley wants to go public is when she thinks that she is SCORING POINTS with the public in the midst of her self-aggrandizement. After that, is more months of secrecy.



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