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I have listened to Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston "Gypsy" Peters's take on Panorama and I can say beyond any doubt that he is the wrong person for this job.

Steelbands and pannists have struggled for many decades to bring pan out of bondage to where it is now our national instrument. To have him now devalue the Panorama competition by failing to honour the long-standing stipend players receive for their long hours of practice in preparation for Panorama is an insult and a disgrace to our cherished pan culture.

Panorama has put our pan on the world stage. Panorama is the best forum for the steelbands. There is no other musical event in the world to be compared with Panorama.

As a calypsonian, he should be aware of the long journey that steelband and calypso have gone through to reach where it is now.

Steelbands have paid their dues and whatever rewards they now receive are justified. Why is Gypsy taking food out of the mouths of "Our Little Black Boys"?

Panorama is love! Everyone loves it, from the young to the old; Gypsy is the only person who hates it. Panorama brings people from all walks of life together, peacefully. It's the only national event that villages and communities can identify with.

Our gifts to the world are Brian Lara and Panorama.

Gypsy must not try to destroy something that has grown on its own, without his input. He has not yet come up with any solutions to improve the Panorama; all he does is demonise it.

He is blind to it benefits. He is allowing his big ego to destroy his common sense and in so doing is hurting a whole lot of people.

Gypsy says that Panorama is killing pan, but he is killing Panorama. Power will do that!

I say this to the minister: We, the people who elected this present Government, did not vote for that. So let good sense prevail.

Valentine Young

Brooklyn, New York

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Gypsy has gotten drunk on power and is acting irrationally. How else could anyone justify his crazy antics. He is so out of touch and out of control, it's unbelievable.

Well said Mr. Young i agree one hundred persent with your views. Gypsy is killing Panorama.


Michelle Clarke


He can't take his revenge on Calyposians who kept him down, so he can with the Pannist who is usually, the young and down and out. He is killing the Art with his new antics, some of the Managers, Arrangers and Sponsers are already exploiting the Pannist and they don't need any help to continue the abuse. Again a whole lot of talk but no back bone to fight, lots of protest and boycuts would certainly do the trick.



small mind, big ego???


i do not know the man of course, but his words, actions, and reactions don't seem to be those of someone who is intelligent or forward-thinking.


he comes across as small-minded, thinking only of himself and his own narrow opinions.





I too agree with your statement Mr. Young. I am from Canada, and this is disturbing to me. There is a petition going around, let's sign it to make an even bigger statement. To put a stop to this nonsense!!.


I don't even want to go to tnt and to have to face the panmen there because all i could think of is this act of terror

and evil done by this so called minister of Multiculturalism(gypsy).I know the panmen are very sad about this

and therefor won't be able to give 100% in their performance.We must put a stop to this people.Sign the petition OK



LET'S STOP DE TALK AND WALK DE WALK!!!!!!   Sign de damned petition!!!!  We have over 6 thousand people on WST.. have we 6 thousand names on the petition????  NEVA HAPPEN!!!  We want to do something - SIGN THE PETITION.

Why is it so hard for people to do something positive???  I am sure that if this petition was sent to Kamla with 6,000 names from WST plus 10,000 names of all the panist in TnT ....she would do something!!!  Politicians the world over are affected by big numbers...they think in numbers... big numbers make politicians act.


Sign the damned petition!!!

Could some one any body please tell me what academic qualifications does this minister of Arts and multiculturalism possess.?

Just asking.


Tony Joe


WST  members you have a just cause to stand up for the PAN against the Band of Gypsies...this is your Forum use it ...You cannot stay on the sidelines ...The Petition has to be handed in to the Prime Minister and the Band of Gypsies.before the panorama begins. Do Something For Pan and sign the Petition





There's an "Idiot" on board, examine the grey matter. Surely there must nothing between his ears.How can the minister of culture openly disrespect our national instrument and still hoped to be looked at with respect?. I have always  known  that the man is a complete idiot and opening his mouth to utter such garbage only confirms it. Imagine him being the minister of national security or finance. Crappaud smoke we pipe.

I was just thinking that you were being exceedingly rude and unfair to idiots. 

The man was booed in the revue tent opening, why did he go there he has not even realise how he has hurt  most of the nation. He has forgotten the journey to get respect that pan people has earned. He has forgotten the stigma the fighting and the chasing and beatings that past people have endured to get here today where it is our children and granchildren who are playing pan and that PAN is respected as a ligitmate musical instrument around the world the only musical instrument to be discovered in the twentfirst century.

At the British Military Tattoo in Scotland not one year goes by without a pan being played there. I have the videos and i am sure that the boys are jumping to their music LOl. The man has given Sat Maharaj $5.million in the name of culture and he has cheated the young people some of whom are in school and university and need that for the weeks of cab fares. The cheapest shot ride in a Taxi in Trinbago is $4 and they do not all live next to a pan yard. Count a return journey multiply that by at least ninety days

If someone was to sell T'shirts telling gypsy that he SUCK I would buy a dozen from them right now and wers them throught out the season and to all the Pan events for the rest of the year.  That is not a payment as no one in the world can pay those youth for their love and devotion that they have for that instrument, and it does not matter how many bands they play in that joy and that exuberance is always on their faces and body language, from the five year old to the old man form sea lots love and pride seeps from them all

. No Gypsy is a bitter man and we are going to pay. He has experienced nothing in his life


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