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Have anyone been listening to the 2015 pan songs, what do you think?

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I heard about five songs and this is the order that I position them {On Rock of Lavanti==Tello} Pan on the wall==Crazy

Hot up Dey head==Anslem} And Fire and Smoke==Carwash in that order

Why don't we stop calling it Pan songs? They are just new releases for whichever year to which they relate. Lets face it very few bands will hang their reputation on the drivel that is produced at this time of year. If previous years offerings are anything to go by, the majority are over elaborate tunes attempting to imitate what they may sound like if properly arranged. Plus in most cases a synthesize steeldrum sound is used.


Randi, everyone the submit their tune here do it with the hope that some steelband choose it as their panorama tune, their composition was done specifically  for the pan so I don't see the problem calling them PAN TUNES.

My point is Cecil, back in our day there were Calypsoes. I recall Sparrow's Obeah Wedding being performed in the August of 1965 for independence on TV but was still popular the following carnival that Despers won Panorama with it. He didn't call it a pan tune. Although it was played by most bands at carnival '66. Nothing in the past 20 years has been composed specifically for Pan this early in the season. I have a problem with the composers' presupposition that because they mention the steelbands in their verses that automatically qualifies it for being a "pan" song. Dust In Dey Face, was all about winning Panorama but I doubt whether David Rudder would have labeled it a Pan Song.
In his eyes it was a calypso.

Randi, much has changed in our music over the years, when Sparrow sung Obeah Wedding most calypsos could have been played on the pan but that changed, that's why Ray started doing his own tune giving birth to the pan song, calypso gave way to Soca and Groovy Soca

I agree Cecil, as a Starlift man I'm quite aware of Ray's compositions and why they came to being. Ray gave birth to a more sofisticated melody which he thought was lacking in  the simple calypso. His music was so sofisticated that when he returned to competition with "If We Really Want", although proclaimed as a  natural follow up to Oh Trinidad only found Starlift a commendable 3rd place. However the more musically challenging piece "We Just Can't Go on Like This" the following year completely went over the heads of the musically challenged judges and panorama audiences alike. Now you may argue that the lyrical content of both compositions were too close to the truth for simple folk to grow to like. The truth always hurts. We all know that panorama judging is a war of a different colour. No matter how hard you try, contemporary compositions cannot be compared to Ray's musical offerings. It's like trying to compare "Mary had a little lamb" with a Handel or Mozart composition. Of this years offerings only "Hot up dey head" is remotely close to a good song. So I once again dispute that they should be given the tag of Pan Tunes. They are at best, no more than childish calypsoes. No doubt most may argue things have moved on but I will continue to believe they are not an improvement, just pure regression. But hey, that's my opinion and I respect yours.

I can hardly wait for the groovy Soca offerings


Mr.Curvan, it always bothers me when i read words like yours from people that puts down the efforts

of guys like me and those submitted trying to express  our selfs in the way we enjoy doing  every year by writing these songs, whether we call it pan songs  pan tunes    groovy  power  soca or calypso, they are all part of we thing,

we culture, everyone is different, our level of  lyrics our abilities  and  our musicial training, but we  still try.

i am not a Kitch or Sparrow a Devine or a Machel - i am but me, i will never be them or sound like them but a 

little encouragement would be better so  we  can fix what we are doing wrong and try harder next time around.

don't put our efforts down but tell us what we can do to sound or get   better.

we all can't write a groovy or Road match- we write what we feel. and enjoy doing it.

To be brutally honest , I do not listen to pan tunes anymore. Maybe it's because I'm old, but I find it very unsatisfying.

I used to look forward to the annual output of our calypsonians, but over the last few years I've lost interest .

I'm not an arranger , so the pan tunes offer me little.

The only reason to check them out is to better understand the panorama arrangements.

I'm no longer a party animal , so modern soca with its emphasis on rhythm also is of little interest (though I may purchase an occasional cd to support the culture).

As for social commentary, having not lived in Trinidad for over 45 years, I have only a casual interest in Trini politics.

So, where does that leave me ?

As to steelband music, I have a fairly large collection going back decades, and even though I regularly purchase the panorama CDs and DVDs to "support the culture ", I find the I may listen to the new ones only a couple times , but my choice of steelband music for listening  seldom goes past about 2005.

With a few exceptions, there's a kind of "sameness " to modern panorama music.

Or, like I said , maybe it's because I'm old .

Glenroy I don't think age matters, being away from where it is happening does. When you are hearing those songs 24/7 they grow on you, it's like a brain-wash.

As for panorama I agree with you it's the same old same old, you only get something different from Ray and Boogsie.

Just listen to Joanne Foster song King Birdie and Genelle Bharat Chords, these ladies have nice songs.

Also Outta De Box by Shanaqua .

Glenroy R Joseph, I agree with you 100%, Cecil had asked me on Facebook the same thing about if I listened to the 2015 Pan Songs and this is what I told him,

"I haven't listen to any of them, tell you the truth, these Pan songs don't interest me anymore, no substance, only a few is appealing, most of them are Jump and wave tunes, 3 chord", and that's the truth.


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