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Have anyone been listening to the 2015 pan songs, what do you think?

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Bede,  there is  a lot of nice tunes for 2015.

Ok people what do you all think about the pan songs so far.

Pandemonium has chosen OUTTER DE BOX as their panorama tune, XO chose DE PUNA BAND and Birdsong PAN MAGIC, Ray and Denis Williams has a tune called CELEBRATION we will have to wait and see if this is Skiffle tune.

Cecil there may be more old tune this year because of the short season.


Bugs, there is a lot of  nice new music that's out already, I don't see the need for a old tune. 

Cecil I'm not a fan of using old tunes. In fact, I think it should be eliminated. However, I have a feeling old tunes is the way the bands are leaning this year.


What I have observed is that most arrangers don't listen to all the music composed for pan during the season, that's why some use old music, if bands were to assign people to listen to the music and make recommendations more new music could be played.

I would like to "big-up" the women this year, they are coming out of the woodwork, with good songs too. I think this is the first time we ever had so many ladies with songs.

This is an interesting observation Mr. Hinkson.

Pan Times, the women are here and I think pretty soon we are going to see some changes to the way things are done.

It's only Boogsie music missing from this pot of beautiful pan music for 2015.  We are having the usual tra-la-la over when we will hear the music but Phase II started the tune this week so we might get lucky soon.

Outta De Box kicking up, 8 bands choose this song by Mark Loquan, Sion Gomez and G, Ballantine sung by Shanequa for Panorama 2015.


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