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That girl have SO MUCH POTENTIAL all she needs is some good material and a good AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSIC PRODUCER and she could take her music GLOBAL!!!

This song go lick up dem parties!!! But they could have done a better job with the lyrics!!!

Well ah better go give it a second listen ....

Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor There is a flaw however. It's "Iron Love" but without a distinct sound of an iron. All it took was a tang tang tang ta tang in between at times.
And on another note, the actual story of the video didn't match the lyrics as well. Where was the actual macho iron man who "women does leave de man". Instead they show children playing the rhythms. Some bad advice by management.
The song, however, is better than her 2018 own.

But look at SIDD!!! Sidd should have been a consultant in the production of IRON LOVE!!!

Ah have to add meh own two cents now -- regarding the lyrics.

Given the excitement of the music and the environment in which the song will thrive and the throw back beat -- the title IRON LOVE is just too passive. I would have advised a more ACTIVE title and hook line. For example: "Ah love meh iron" or something along those lines would have given the audience more involvement in the song from a PARTY perspective. And even during casual conversation; because the calypso expression comes  from the dialect and the public likes to reincorporate it once it is popularized in a calypso.

And these particular producers like to go all over the song looking for hook lines. I like a more specific structure where you take you chances with one powerful hook and sink or float with that. It also demands that the songwriter work a little harder to deliver the PAY OFF lines that lead into the hook.

Sidd: I like your critique!!!

The thing about these performers we must try to understand is that they are making their music for those that know of their culture.

I understand that, Cecil. But in the SUMMERTIME when they come to CANADA or ENGLAND or AMERICA to perform they could work with some FOREIGN PRODUCERS to make some music for GLOBAL AUDIENCES.

You know that I doh like nothing and I does criticize everybody constantly. But that NAILAH is the first TRINIDAD talent that I ever see with so much GLOBAL POTENTIAL ... and she got the SHOW BIZ and POP STAR and MOVIE STAR looks.

Calypso restricts VOCAL EXPRESSION. And I could hear that girl HOLDING BACK her voice when she records dem calypsos. Put her in a studio with a good African American Music Producer and he and the sound engineer start pushing her to reach her limits -- hell, I can hear it right now from where I am sitting down.

So why waste that talent making music for those that know of her culture -- only!!! She could still sing she calypso in January and February ... but it have plenty blank months in the year where she could extend her geographic and musical boundaries!!!

I completely agree. Hope someone with connections  steps up and in to help get her going.

I agree, she need to send a demo to Tidal or Puffy

from the point of view of a panman and  steelpan arranger which i am.....i think this song would go over well as a panorama piece!!!.....good luck! NAILAH for panorama 2019.......ah like it.... very good comments from CLAUDE....STEVE...AND CECIL...PEACE!!

Music great and I still waiting to hear some iron. So many places where it could soar and bring more excitement. Need some better or at least deeper lyrics about the Iron Men f the past and present. She needs some help to soar to International level she has the voice and presentation. Somebody help her please so much potential being offered. And I like how they involved the kids, I wanted to see the young boy on some iron even if only in his memory. Still like to piece  a lot

YEP!!! Everybody like the piece a lot!!! It's so fundamentally appealing that everybody could relate to it to the point where they want to make it BETTER. That's  what makes a good calypso or a good pop song.

It would be interesting to see if the STEELBANDS take to it and how they integrate the IRON into the arrangement. Not all calypsos fit the PAN. But if this one does, the right arranger could bring back the full CALYPSO SPIRIT into a crowd-rocking PANORAMA PERFORMANCE.

I would love that ... Plenty Plenty IRON in the BAND!!!


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