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The Windrush Generation helped build our health service. Denying their children access to it is grotesque

by David Lammy

22nd June 1948: Newly arrived Jamaican immigrants on board the ‘Empire Windrush’ at Tilbury. (Photo by Douglas Miller/Keystone/Getty Images)

My parents were part of the Windrush Generation that our Government invited to Britain as citizens following World War II to help rebuild our country and staff our National Health Service. Whilst I was born in this country, I am a proud son of the Windrush and the way in which the children of the Windrush are being treated is grotesque, immoral and inhumane. That our Government can treat these individuals with such contempt, disrespect and lack of dignity is a national disgrace that shames us all.

Today the flags of the Commonwealth are flying in Parliament Square to mark this week’s meeting of the Commonwealth heads of government, yet Downing Street rejected a formal diplomatic request from the representatives of 12 Caribbean countries to discuss the immigration crisis facing Windrush Generation British residents.

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