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New PanTrinbago-Tobago chair wants to empower panmen

New Chairman of Pan Trinbago - Tobago Region, Salisha James,

New Chairman of Pan Trinbago - Tobago Region, Salisha James, said the Executive woould be working on developing pan in in Tobago, with a focus on treating with internal issues and in empowering panmen.

“We impact tremendously on communities and so we must be able to do more through public and private partnership, for the development of our people to improve their lives,” James said in an interview on Friday.

“We want to see our pan yards turning into centres of excellence and being a sacred space where there can be training and empowerment. Most of our bands in Tobago don’t actually have a home, some of us are leasing. We want to approach the Assembly or even the land owners to see how we can negotiate so that the bands can actually own properly for more social development programmes to take place in the pan yards,” she said.

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Do yuh stuff young lady, best of luck..

Very good idea use the facility to teach and develop the minds of the young people.

Beverley steal the line from LLOYD BEST and this young girl steal the line from Beverley!!!

As TRUMP would say: SAD!!!

In life we all learn and adapt from those who have inspired us. So give Beverly and Salisha time to prove themselves. trump is no one to use as an example for anything "Good". Lies and deception, YES.


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