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Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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George “Sonny” Goddard

Trinidad and Tobago - In 1963, during the country’s first Carnival celebrations since gaining its independence, he heads NATTS into organizing Trinidad’s first Steelbands’ Panorama, and successfully advises the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) to increase the first prize from $350 (TT) to $1000 (TT). More than a 100% increase!

For George "Sonny"Goddard this must be History for T&T,s  National  Instrument ,,THE STEELPAN,, in colaboration with the increased prize money for the first Carnaval of T&T,,,now let,s see who is going to support this on this website,Respect.

1963 - Mighty Sparrow - Dan Is The Man (In The Van) - North Stars Steel Orchestra (winners)

I am writing you this letter in appreciation of the hard work and dedication that the people of Trinidad and Tobago have put into the development of our national instrument over the last 50 years. All Steelbands and Pan players on August 31 2012: 12;00 noon, to commemorate our 50th year of independence, performs the National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago as a tribute to our Cultural Heritage and our gift to the World.


               As long as the logistical aspect is in place, this is a great idea.

Three of my greatest Panorama experiences-  1. the year of "Sailing"...Pandemonium's yard was in Jerningham Ave., Belmont, and what a joy to hear Bradley taking them through the paces night after night. they didn't win, but they should have. 2. Nu-tones winning with Rudder's "High Mas"... Bradley again. and 3. Starlift coming up by Knowsley building, playing Ray Holman's great composition, "Oh Trinidad".


I would like all the steelpan players to play the National Anthem and post it on WST/ Pan Times on August 31 2012 to celebrate our 50th year of independence .(I have to learn it, I have never played it as a solo before, but, I will learn it and post it on that day)

1993 Dus in Dey Face, Trinidad All Stars. Having lost Smooth, Jemmott, and even sponsor Catelli in 1988, the band saw some lean times. After placing 19th in the prelims and just escaping elimination yet again, the last thing I expected was to make panorama history in that years finals. History however had a different agenda, and a blistering run to the finals saw us not only rise all the way up to 3rd but more importantly, achieve the greatest response to a steelpan performance ever, getting the 1st and only to date encore from both north and grand stands at the end of the performance. What a night! I will never forget it! Thank you Eddie? Quarless, Tony Guy, and fellow members for my greatest night in pan.

Great story DJ


Starlift final night Natasha blow the roof tops off North and Grand stand. Desperados Pan in Harmony, sweet sweet sweet, a real winner. Phase 11  I Music, what a disappointment they did not win that year.

Hey Bertel, Starlift didn't just blow the roof, but they actually created history to create the only SANDSTORM in a Panorama. People from as far as Laventille and St James

were calling the radio stations to to inquire where the FIRE was, unknowing that they were actually looking at dust in the skies.


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