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Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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Joseph Renaud, I also remembered Bongo played on the move, I ran away from my parents just to be with Solo on the stage. In those days there was no setting up on stage, you roll the pans on the stage playing the tune and the band will play the tune until they reach the part they came on the stage at, and then move off. I need not say that I got a good cuttarse  when my parents found me in the savannah. Solo came third with Bongo. That was sweet music!!

Hi Renaud, WEB from ALL Stars.

              I always thought you were the Captain of Solo Harmonites from it's inception.I am trying to record a little history of my own.For example, I became Captain of All Stars at quite a tender age,I was 23 years to be exact that's when I took over from Nevile Jules  and was the leader when we won Panorama with Rainorama.I was 25 years old.My question to you is, do you know of any leader who was under 25 years old when their band won Panorama.I am referring to the times before they were  Categorizes.Large, Medium, and small.


NOTE: maybe anyone can send me the answer.

Voll, I cannot forget those events...I still tell people about it. And I was only a staunch supporter at the time.

All PanPeople have to be thankful for Panorama, it is what's keeping pan alive in T&T.

Songwriter Mark Loquan Highlights Selections  50 Years Panorama

About -  Fire and Steel

This song was composed for Panorama 2001, as my 3rd song for Panorama.  I remember asking Denyse Plummer if she would consider  listening to the song and singing it.  She did not know who I was at the time, as I was so new in the pan arena, and certainly little did we know that this would be the start of a 7year stint of composing music for her for Panorama.  I had admired classic pieces sung by Denyse like Misbehave and Mind Yuh Business, and thought I would give it a shot.  So I am grateful to Denyse to giving me an ear and encouraging me with her support by singing the songs year after year for the pan community.

In this case the music was composed on guitar, and the words flowed very easily for the song.  Those were the days when I did both music and lyrics.  I was working in Norway at the time, but went to Pelham Goddard, and Len "Boogsie" Sharpe with this song, when I made a visit to Trinidad and  asked them to arrange the song for me in the studio.  That was for first time for me when several bands performed my music on the Savannah stage, so I am also grateful to Boogsie and Pelham for being part of the production of the finished product.  Needless to say, the reaction to the song encouraged me to continue to compose music for Panorama.

The concept in my mind behind the song's title in 2001  :

"There is a unique formula when one combines the Trini spirit and the sound of the pan, to produce an energy that is boundless and yet still has very much to be discovered by the rest of the world.  Both have been forged through fire & passion, struggle and frustration, yet it is through this process that our latent talent & free spirited nature comes alive and our creativity flows.  One only sees or hears the end result, but sometime fails to recognize what we really have, a true reflection of our soul captured with an instrument invented right here in Trinidad and Tobago."


click to listen

My greatest Panorama moment was my one and only in 1967. That year all finalists performed three selections.

From a judging point of view, the greatest impact are the performances of All Stars' "The Hammer" and phase II's             "Pan Rising" at Panorama 1986. The winning percentage of 1st place and 2nd averaged 97.5%. The judges gave All Stars 293 points, and Phase II got 292. All Stars' 293 points which is 97.67% is the largest winning pecentage to date.

On the other hand, Phase II's 487 points at Panorama 1987 are the highest points ever awarded to the winning Steel Orchestra, but that pecentage is 97.4  

It seems as though panmen and women  in T/go don't have computers. But my two greatest memories of panorama were playing   Sparrow's  'Wood in the Fire'  arranged by the tuner "Scorpion' with the band Old Oak Starlift in T/go can't remember the placings.  Then playing  'Chambers Duncee'  with Solo Melo Harps at shaw park t/go and being crowned champs that year.

Kelvin was that Sylvester "Scorpion" Garcia......he was a great tuner,I think he also tuned pans for Tripoli,Nutones,Syncopators,among other bavds.

He was also a member of TASPO,a very quiet and reserved fellow,who shunned the limelight.

Those two performances were truly great.Pan rising was well played with attitude included.Hammer by All stars was a haunting .sweet dedication to a man they respected. Throw in Rebecca+Pan Nite+ Day by Raddoes.

Yes Bede, I remember our band City Syncopators playing coming down St. Vincent street carnival Tuesday. My greatest moment was playing with Synco who played the largest sailor band for carnival Tuesday. It was sailors from the Crescent on Quarry Street to Charlotte Street by Royal theatre. I never saw so many sailors ashore, except Tokyo and they had to join with Fasacinators and another steelband to get a large crowd. Synco did it on their own. My other great moment was seeing Cavaliers Panorama night lifting their pans (plenty pans) from their truck on the Drag to go on stage as the last band to play. They won the panorama that night and chgnged the tempo of Panorama forever. North Stars never recovered from that loss and soon broke up. Great times. But the 50th anniversary of Panorama is 2013. I hope that Pantrinbago is preparing a World Panorama competition in honor of the anniversary and invite steelbands of the world to participate.

That will be great Syncopators if they invite steelbands from all over the world, that's where Standardising pan would have been nice to have, would be no problem for the players from overseas to just get there in trinidad and rent the Pans and perform, wouldn't it be nice? Same thing they could do for the steelband music festival.

1965 - Lord Melody - Melody Mas - Cavaliers (winners) - Bobby Mohammed  (arranger)


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