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Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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1997 - Lord Kitchener - Guitar Pan - Renegades Steel Orchestra  (winner ) -  Jit Samaroo (arranger)

1998 - David Rudder - High Mas - Nutones Steel Orchestra (winner) - Clive Bradley (arranger)

1999 - Oba - In My House -  Desperadoes Steel Orchestra (winner) - Clive Bradley (arranger)

2000 - Oba - Picture On My Wall - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra (winner) - Clive Bradley (arranger)

2001 - Roger George - A Happy Song - Exodus Steel Orchestras - (winner) - Pelham Goddard (arranger)

Why stop at 2001? From 1963 to 2001 is not 50 years.

Greetings Just returned from participating in the  50th  Jamaica Independence anniversary celebration sponsored by Rootz Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.Very interesting observation!  The legendary Pablo Black playing the pan and singing reggae. Idea: Why can't there be a joint movement coordinated by the ministry of Tourism in both J and TT to push pan , reggae and tourism at the same time. Pantum missed your call; only got it last night upon my return. Will call later. Dr. Lance Seunarine

LETS PLAY THE TRIBUTE! The Steel Pan Instrument has become more than just a Cultural expression invented in Trinidad and Tobago. The Steel Pan is now Internationly accepted and acclaimed in areas such as Education, Arts and Entainment and continues to spread across the world of music

Greetings: Today is 8/24/12 and still no sales from WSTmembers for the month.  We can do better. Let us try once more to  make a  realistic  attempt at achieving the Retirement Fund. Make a gift of the book to someone to celebrate the 50th anniversary or just to feel good within yourself. We have to be our bredren's keeper. Check out the website:www.tricanbooks.com. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine


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