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Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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Correction: Starlift was the second band to create a sand storm... Panorama 1965 Guiness Cavaliers created the largest sand storm ever (Not Starlift) when they played "Melody Mas". They were the last band to play on that day, most people had already started to leave the Savannah. there was a loud explosion-like sound and the dust in the Savannah lifted like a giant cloud because people (including myself) started running back to the stage.....I was there. Guiness raised the most dust ever but I agree that Starlift's performance of Du Du Yemi (Natasha) was the most exhilerating followed by Fonclaire's Pan by Storm. (They lost to Renegades that year)

Panorama 1978,I was a child and can still remember Tesoro Starlift's version of the Mighty Sparrow's Du Du Yemi which is was alsoo called Natasha, From that time my love for the National Instrument was born.

Panorama 1990- Most Exciting moment - Performing with Vat 19 Fonclaire  Final Night - 9 Bass Pans

Panorama 2006- Most Exciting moment - Performing with Digicel Phase II Pan Groove Final Night - 7 Bass Pans

Beautiful tImes.

Despers' Pan in Harmony was a shift change in how tunes were arranged. After the prelims you keep hearing the it on the radio station over and over. believe this was a first.

same thing happened in 1990 when Pan by storm did not win (it was not a loss)

My greatest moment of panorama I would have to say rain melody, pan earth quake trinidad all stars a happy song b, puncany max it up by exodus, jonny ragin storm, pan by storm , vibe all by professor, and let's not forget picture on my wall by brad, all panorama songs are gt we just love it.

Just being able to perform on stage in the "big yard' on final nite is what panmen live for. I have been blessed to experience this 7 times. My 1st year playing pan was with the Esso Tripoli in 1965, we BUSS on stage in the finals, It's the worst thing that could happen to a panman. The next year I join StarLift and had 6 beautiful years, during this time Boogsie was a player in StarLift. From 1966 to 1971 StarLift had one first,a tie and two seconds with Ray Holman as arranger,  my Panorama moments were all great. Gone but not forgotton.

Cecil did you play guitar pan with Tripoli?  Can you remember the reason why the band "Buss" on stage?



Micheal, I did play guitar pan with Tripoli. These days I am hearing a lot of stories why the band buss, I could only tell you why I buss and I assume it's the same reason the whole band buss, a laps in memory. The story goes like this, Tripoli went through the prelims. and semis playing Melodys' Mas, it was a good arrangement by Junior  Pouchet,  Cavaliers played the same tune. After the semis Bobboy and Junior had a meeting and decided to change the tune to My Pussin, the arrangement was finished about 3-4 hours before we had to perforn on final night. After practice that day I went home shower put on my Tiger Shirt and went to the savannah, on stage after the count I played the first cord and my hand stuck, I will have to say the same thing happen to the whole band. I was a part of pan History.


One of my great moments in Panorama was in 1966 with City Symphony, Our tune was "Licks in 66" Kitchener, we did not make the finals, the tune was nice nice ah tellin yur,but we got LICKS.  The arrangers were Fenwick (Michigan) Noel  and Ulvin Belfast, both deceased (God bless their souls) If you never seen a grown man cry without somebody beating him, well Michigan CRY LIKE A LITTLE BOY. He didnt expect to beat  Despers with Obeah wedding or Cavaliers with My brother, your sister but we think we should have made the finals.Steel pan music playing calypso or Classic is the sweetest thing ever.

If not anything else Mr Bede Lopez ,ah like de piece ,,,if yuh neva see a grown  cry without beating him.,,,i,m enjoying the comments of everyone.respect..

On another note, do you remember City Symphony’s “Night and Day” Now that was a sweet tune.

Since you are on that note, Night and Day was in the days of the great Cordell (spongy) Barbour

"Panorama make plenty big man cry, Bede"!


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