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We have vented our views on this forum as regards the T&T governments implications  on the Pan Community. We can do something more by petitioning the T&T government. We can all send an email or a <signature> with a note expressing our discontent. There are about 7000 members on WST forum. Brother Jojo has indicated that there is a lot more on wst facebook at the following address


If someone knows how to set this up so that we can all sign on to this petition against this act by the T&T government please make your contribution. We who are in the diaspora will be making a strong contribution to this cause. There is not much time left because the Panorama season is already on us. A Call to Arms is imminent. Who has the computer savvy and know how, needs to step forward now.


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Salah, I just wanted to give you a shout-out to say a heart-felt bravo.  I am behind you 100%.  You are  definitely on the right track.  Now we are cooking with gas.  As soon as you find someone to set up the petition and get the ball rolling, I will jump aboard and encourage my colleagues to do likewise.  Thank you for your effort so far.

Greetings All,

This is auseful and sound idea, and I think in lieu of doing nothing , this is very progressive. However, all worthful negotiators know that when you are in a powerful position you do not negotiate from your knees-that is submission. I repeat with all due respect to you and others, Salah, that this would be a great strategy if we were in a weak position- we are not. A "call to arms" means we arm ourselves. Steelbands' greatest arms are the Pans, the Pan-stix, the Playyers, the stands and public sentiment.

A recent poll indicated that 73% panplayers were in favour of no panorama- 80% older players, 70% younger players, 80% women and 54% non- residents favoured no panorama. What then is the major problem? Who is the executive listening to? Have they run a number of polls among players and the public? Are they rallying public support. There are X numver of players plus X number of family members of those players plus Xnumber of friends of the players and friends of their families and other relations = major mobilization. Diaz, do you need an ADVISOR? Blessed Love. Ras Rico I Ras Tafari SELASSIE I

I totally agree with you and will stand up for justice for the future of all

pan players and the steel pan industry.Please let me know as soon as it is set so i can sign.



I totally disagree with any approach to forge links with the government and that includes them paying pan players to play for carnival.  It is time pan players find ways to make money without handouts.  If the government wishes to give grants to the arts, like the National Endowment for the Arts in  the US, or philanthropist, that is fine, but to expect the government to pay pan players to pay for playing one tune at Panorama a Pan Trinbago event, that is inadequate in 2011.  The next thing you will hear is that masqueraders are asking for money to play mas as it attracts tourists to TT, or what ever reason.

Pan Trinbago needs to listen to Boogsie, who is not even a bureaucrat but has been around long enough to see that they need to take on the responsibilities for being creative in generating revenue beside looking for handouts.

The excuse of disrespecting the national instrument is lame.  What is Pan Trinbago doing for the instrument?

Nonsense; utter nonsense. The words handouts and begging are used against panmen in the same derogatory way nigger and coolie was used against people of African and Indian descent. It also tells something about the people who use it, that they are 21st century house slaves insisting on keeping the 19th century colonial masters idealogies alive, by making pan people feel inferior with their derogatory words.

Let me say that the last publicly published figures in the newspaper was in 2001 when it was reported tha carnival realised $88 million U.S dollars for the gov't of Trinidad and Tobago. Carnival is reported as the greaatest show on earth and the gov't is the producers of this show . The producers must pay the performers and performance fees are negotiated by expected revenues. That is not handouts, that is pay for work done. The time has come for pantrinbago to demand a percentage of the income( say 10o/o) or do like other performers do anddemand a fix figure plus a percentage of the revenue.

We must remember that pan goes further than carnival or culture for this country but that will be the subject of another reply to any other person trying to marginalise panpeople who obviously has little or no education about the subject, all they have is an emotional position.

Go Salah full support and remember no turning back

you cannot demand pay if someone does not want to hire you. business is "making money" not your philosophy or history.  carnival will go on with or without pan.  if you cannot see that then where have you been? just look at the trend in the global carnival scene.  demanding a payment seems to be what is being tried and we will see if pan trinbago has any powers to execute.

if that is the case , well maybe the time has come to do like the unions and  join with the other interest groups to boycott carnival( like PSA is doing now). Anyway what you are saying is that we are into forced labour, a modern day whip is over the backs of panmen.

 Remember where there is a will there is a way and god don't like ugly

Totally agree. Now we cooking. Boycott carnival and do your own thing.  It is dog-eat-dog out there for the $$$. 


The current Executive of PanTrinbago has adopted the following to address the issues which you have raised.

1. PHILOSOPHY - "to develop the Steelpan Industry in a manner that benefits the incubator communities which have nurtured the development of the instrument  in Trinidad and Tobago"

2. To this end the following are some of the initiatives have been agreed upon:

Institutional strengthening for PanTrinbago so that the Executive and institutionalised structures such as PANVESCO and TTPIL can function with the effectiveness and transparency that serves as the bedrock to development;

Capacity building for individual Steelband Organizations to enable them to function as business units to capitalise on opportunities for the band and its respective community outside of the music industry;

A model for Steelpan manufacture which in line with the philosophy outlined above;

A Steelpan Museum and Gift shop;

Development of the site in Trincity not just as "Headquarters" but to incorporate business(income generating) activities;

Introduction of a Steelpan Festival in October this year to comemorate a major milestone in the development of the instrument and to pave the way for an annual event which has the potential to rival Carnival in terms of contribution to the national economy.

To date, PaanTrinbago has approached the Private Sector (who have been very supportive) and has been able to attract a group of professionals who have been volunteering their support.

The current Panorama hullaballoo only serves as a counterproductive distraction and comes at a time when the Organization - having opened itself up for support (not necessarily financial) in promoting the development of the industry in a sustainable manner - should be receiving unqualified support from the Government, the Private Sector and the entire Steelband fraternity.

The Executive of PanTrinbago has been duly elected by the Steelband movement on the basis of their perceived ability to handle issues concerning the Steelband movement. Instead of demanding excellence from them in areas that would prove challenging even to most professionals in their respective fields, we should all band together and help to empower them - more so since they have demonstrated a certain degree of humility and receptiveness to progressive ideas.



Uh, huh. And how much, if any, of this would result in any benefits to the pan players? I see it as yet more of the mumbo-jumbo dished out by Pan Trinbago. If any of this happens - and the past 15 years I've been a pannist has seen nothing effective coming from them -  it would be primarily to capitalize or make money out of players' skills.
We may not take notice, but things have improved tremendously since 1965 when I first started playing. Again I say - let us come forward with progressive ideas and support the Administration of PanTrinbago as long as they are there to take us forward. If not, and another Executive is elected - let us do the same! The only way forward is with positive steps.
i fully agree, regardless of who is the executive we must give them our full support for the benefit of all.Election is every three years and we can deal with all issues then. The motto of pantrinbago is 'UNITY IS STRENGTH' time for us to unite as panpeople and show our strength. 


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