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A good time to revisit "An exclusive Ministry for Pan in Trinidad & Tobago"

This was the post in 2012



A Pan Ministry in Trinidad & Tobago will be the vehicle and platform from which a complete steelpan industry can develop. An industry that can supply the world with pan ( the concept is pan for all schools around the world). Trinidad has to diversify away from the contents of the barrel (oil). Oil & gas will become like coal (dirty energy) The Biden administration is moving forward with Electric vehicles ( gas vehicles will eventually be outlawed) Trinidad need to start producing pan tuners so that we can fill the supply and demand for pan in the next twenty years.

Who is listening and taking notes?

We welcome the discussion

Salah Wilson

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Salah Wilson, check my brief contact info sent to your WhatsApp # this evening. Looking forward to our conversation.

Will do, .. Is Nepean in Ontario? I seem to see that name on the hi-way from Montreal to Toronto. Ok...I just realized that it is closer to Ottawa...cool ( sal_wils@hotmail.com)

A steelpan industry with a ministry of pan as a vehicle for driving this project is a practical example of steelpan development.

- A steelpan industry in Trinidad & Tobago would be the main supplier of instruments to the world

- The world market  of concentration would be the public schools and institutions of learning 

- The vehicle to establish the steelpan industry is an exclusive Ministry of Pan

- The necessary funding for this project can only come from a base like an exclusive Pan Ministry. (Too risky for big business)

- There is no precedence where a country developed a ministry from a unique experience - but pan is that unique experience.

- A steelpan industry and a pan ministry is a progressive concept for pan for the future

There have been many great ideas for pan on this forum and this concept of a steelpan industry and pan ministry is not a contradiction to some of the former discussions, rather it is an addition and enhancement to some of these discussions.

The concept of a union for pan is a great idea for establishing protections for the pan fraternity and will also serve to keep the government (including the Pan Ministry ) in check. So, there is no contradiction.

Everyone on this forum wants one thing and the same thing - FOR THE PAN TO SUCCEED...

Nothing should stop us from working respectfully with each other. I am all in on this... lets do it!

We have a culture of putting the cart before the horse.

It is refreshing to see Dr. Wilson's approach to the conglomerates of ideas and, doing the necessary research into the supply and demand for the instrument.

Base on the findings from the Dr.'s research we would be able to lobby the government at an informed position for our Ministry For Pan(MFP).

We need more Doctors in the house. 


Aquil, You have touched on an important facet of this project. It certainly involves acquiring the information and more research is necessary. Having a good leverage of this and certainly keeping it in the hands of the pan people at this stage is equally important. The pan fraternity needs to get all the parts of this project together before presenting it to the politicians. It must be set up whereby it is the pan fraternity that leads and calls the shots not the politicians. We must have an iron clad proposal, whereby the politicians are not able to "interfere" with what we are presenting. 

Aquil I also agree with your last statement "We need more doctors in the house".  I took a leave of 8 years (age 60-68) to pursue higher education by enrolling at York university in Toronto and completed the program. I encouraged people of my age and younger to do the same and they responded. So, you now have Ed Peters (older than me LOL) pan tuner in Toronto doing a masters degree at York. Other people who responded included Andre Rousse masters degree, Joy Lapps masters degree, Winston "Pappy" Fredericks bachelor degree, Hameed Shaaq, bachelor degree and moving on to a masters, Kwesi Karmani, bachelor degree, Michael "Skel" Redhead masters degree, King Cosmos masters degree, Taurean Clarke bachelor degree. All happening in Toronto.

Yes we do need more scholars in pan LET US ENCOURAGE THE YOUTHS (and  the older heads) TO PURSUE HIGHER EDUCATION. It can be done and it is necessary for the future, it is necessary for pan... JUST DO IT!

Salah Wilson PhD

Michael Joseph of Toronto also did his Masters at York. His research was on the environmental sustainability of pan tuning. He referenced the many people who have gotten cancerous problems from the contaminated barrels that were used to make pans. It was a very important and necessary research of which the findings would be beneficial to pan builders and tuners.


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