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A home for Despers; Demming cries for Laventille’s iconic but homeless steelpan side

by Dennise Demming - Wire868

Photo: Members from the Despers Steel Orchestra rehearse for the 2019 Panorama competition.
(Copyright Maria Nunes)

..It is as real as hanging over the pan stand and allowing the music to envelop your being ‘til the tenor pan rings in your heart; or stepping away and propping on a wall a little distance away—but close enough to feel every note.

The panyard gave us hope! We saw young men and boys who were ‘otherwise engaged’ outside of the panyard performing at an exceptional standard and we respected them for their talent. Eventually some of them represented the country and therefore the community on the world stage. They ‘lifted our noses’ as we used to say.

The Despers panyard was a communal space where we all felt safe. Visitors were protected and you believed that the Statue of the Virgin Mary atop the spire protected you from every evil. For the 10 years I functioned as the public affairs manager at Witco, going up the hill to lime was normal; but then small incidents became bigger and bringing it to the attention of the Police was a waste of time...

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This Iconic band should not be without a home.

It is a a national disgrace. What comes first for Despers? Is it the annual trek to Panorama,

or estabishing a National pan theatre in Laventille.

Laventille is a PNM political homestead, what has the MP and the party done for Despers .?

Paying panorama tune arrangers exorbitant fees for post panorama applause has not benefited Despers,

may be those dollars can be used in a "home" investment for the organization and this iconic steelband.

Orvis Noel

Despers - In My House slow jam

Sanch Electonix LTD 2017 Panorama Champions 1999 Arranger Clive Bradley

Art work by LeRoy Clarke https://youtu.be/CF7LOZoWCsY?list=PLJ...

Despers - Picture on my Wall slow jamz

Sanch Electonix LTD 2017

Panorama Champions 2000

Despers - BIG5 Pan Concert


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