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A look at Grand Stand, The Big Stage, North Park...all at #CarnivalCity Trinidad carnival 2019

The Big Stage, North Park...all at #CarnivalCity Trinidad carnival 2019

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Patrick 32,000 by $300 = $9,600,000!!!

Money like rain for BEVERLEY!!! Add sponsors and advertising and parking and concessions and DVD sales and Broadcasting Rights and THIS PANORAMA could GROSS well over $12,000,000!!!

BEVERLEY go be ah BIG HERO if the public respond to this REBUILDING OF PANORAMA!!!

All I say is the 17th will tell us what we need to know.. I for one will not be paying $300 to stand in the sun with my two coolers of food and drinks.  

Why would you pay 300 to go into the North Park...It is basically the Greens on Steroids. You so far away from the stage and the action you might as well stay home and look at the show on TV. 

Panorama semifinals the day everyone and their cooler head to the North Stand will no longer be a big money earner for Pan Trinbago. I can't see patrons standing in the hot sun because you know it is going to be a rush for the little shade they have for the VIP's. 

What intrigues me about this is that everybody knows WHO went to the NORTH STAND. So maybe GYPSY (and BEVERLEY) making a statement that DEY DOH WANT dem kinda people in dey PANORAMA.

But DEM PEOPLE put MILLIONS and MILLIONS in the PANORAMA POT for decades. So ah hope dem Laventille and east West corridor people have $300 to shell out to HEAR PAN.

This is a REAL BIG GAMBLE at a time when PAN TRINBAGO could least afford it. If DEM PEOPLE eh show up in the NORTH PARK then PAN TRINBAGO may end up LOSING MILLIONS.

Look trouble if GYPSY have to break down the NORTH PARK and put back up the NORTH STAND again.

Oddly enough, that the thing that irritates me the most is that they have a FAN ZONE!!!

This revised venue The North Park, should of being used for the north band preliminaries. Test it out, have everyone come to the Queens Park Savannah rather that have so many 'fans' taking multiple taxis to various remote areas to take in the steel-band preliminaries.

Hey Patrick,

guess you didn't hear...  Pan Trinbago has a caravan of buses to take you around to the various pan sites. And yes you have to book and pay for the ride. 

Thanks for the info. I was not aware, an acceptable convenience.

So the North Stand is now a elevated tent? Is that safe? The kind of people that packs into the North Stand especially with rum in they head, that is looking real scary and unsafe. 

Sue: I saw a VIDEO where GYPSY addressed that issue and he said that all the NATIONAL STANDARDS were met in the construction of the NORTH PARK.

I think that there is THE NEW and THE CURIOUS factor that will bring people out. And with the high level of musical interest this year, I think that the crowds are going to be SWARMING for the event and I think that THE NORTH PARK will be a BIG SUCCESS!!!


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