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Exodus speaks on the outcome of their recent court case versus Pan Trinbago

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DECISION ANALYSIS was it worth the TIME and MONEY????

Exodus - Rag Storm

Exodus at Panorama Finals 2019 ( Kes - Savannah Grass ) [ NH PRODUCTIONS TT ]


I think so. It is worth it.

The last time Exodus took Pan Trinbago to court, and won. and then decided to let them off them hook for the good of Pan - a reign of terror and gangstaism was released in the Trinidad & Tobago pan community.

These people tend to have a god complex. Bad things happen when they are not kept in check.

If Pan Trinbago had won, would they have let Exodus off the hook?


Savannah Grass is a far better song than Rag Storm, and I had hoped some of the bands would pick it for Panorama. So I am glad that Exodus was able to change tunes for the finals. Two weeks isn't a lot of time to arrange and learn it. I do hope Exodus can and turns in a great performance this Saturday!

even if Exodus does not pull through , I t is still great for panorama

right now i am seeing Exodus in tenth place and they in play yet those other bands are all judged

this is agreat day for pan now we will have a wider scope of panorama music more is always the merrier, making me want to go home for carnival,

People must learn to have no fear of recrimination towards speaking out when they called to serve in this movement. Many delegates dont speak because of fear of recrimination, for a number and combination of reasons. Some well resourced bands like Exodus, still display fortitude in the face of any political adversity, even at the level of the Court, to drive home a point,....the Executive of PanTrinbago is us...and listening is a prerequisite for the job of service at this level of financial madness to manage especially....lets hope that a PRO at PanTrinbago is appointed or elected soon to fill the vacancy for the last 7 months, so we can continue to dialogue with our Pan Communities in Diaspora and beyond....


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