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It is NOT my position to speak on these matters however, it burns me to see so many misconceptions, misinformation and untruths being circulated around social media during the past few days where Pan Trinbago is concerned. I wish to clear a few things:-

1. Ms Sandra Awai HAS tendered her resignation. This resignation was received by the Secretary of Pan Trinbago, Ms Denise Hernandez. Although the resignation letter was handed in, there hasn't been a meeting of the executive to deal with such, therefore it remains a tendered resignation and NOT an accepted resignation. On the topic of Ms Sandra Awai, may I also point out that since she was elected to the executive, both Sandra and I had a VERY great working relationship and a social one outside the office (You can ask her). We had many instances where we were temporarily able to forget about the monster of a situation in front of us and just be able to laugh through a fun moment. The main basis of her tendering her resignation had nothing to do with any fighting on the executive.

2. To Mr Steelpan Chatter! Don't EVER worry about my skin color in Steelpan. The membership voted for a young mixed TRINIDADIAN to be the education officer of Pan Trinbago and I have NO intention of resigning due to "shadism". If YOU see Steelpan as an afro Trini thing, then my exit will only follow after the contributions of people like Junior and Edwin Pouchet (white), Mark Loquan (Chinese), Jit Samaroo, Bobby Mohammed, Steve Achaiba (all Indo Trini). I will NOT stoop to your level of ignorance that you have spat out on me for almost 10 years since i was a member of the National Steel Symphony Orchestra.

3. The executive of Pan Trinbago has NO intention of omitting the Steelpan players remittance, the single pan bands, or the medium category of Panorama. It is neither an agenda to remove the North stand. Besides the fact that these matters were not agreed to by the executive, I believe the people spreading the rumours are missing an important point which is that NO decision like that can be taken without first consulting the membership.

Finally, with the aforementioned, one may ask why the executive has taken so long to call a meeting with the membership, and the answer is simple; a meeting has been carded for December 4th. I will advise ALL members to be in attendance. The reason for the delay were due to many factors which included:-

1. The executive needed to assess the entire position of Pan Trinbago's affairs to present to the members in a bid to do as was promised - be transparent and open to the members with the details. That information could have never been compiled in one day or even a week. As a matter of fact, everyday the executive has been greeted with new depressing information that is just being added to the discomfort.

2. The executive has been working around the clock to put measures in place to safeguard the membership, such as appointing boards, standing committees, etc taking into note of the urgency in which those matters are needed to be addressed in order to move forward.

3. The executive saw the need to have the regional elections in its right time which was constitutionally due and ensured that it was done prior to meeting with the membership to facilitate a smooth flow and order between regional and central executive.

With all being mentioned above, I ask the membership of Pan Trinbago to please don't speculate on matters that cannot become a fact without your approval, and do note that no matter what is brought to the membership next week, whatever decision the membership decides.... the executive will stand with you.

Finally, I repeat that the views expressed here is in no way the voice of Pan Trinbago and I am NOT the official to speak on matters, but I couldn't sit by and read so many untruths.

Marcus Ash
Elected by the people, for the people!

What has...is, and what is...will be!

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Marcus:  Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this update.  As you know, I don't live in Trinidad so I eagerly awaiting a further update following the meeting on 4 December.

Thank you Marcus.

The gansta party has been partying for years. And no one ain't go to jail yet. And they can't give you two weeks to sort out what dem gangstas did???

I really want to know when dem charges against the past Pan Trinbago gangstas will be filed so I can complete the movie.  


When there is no information people speculate, that's human nature. It's no easy task keeping on top of things when eyes are on you 24-7.

When there is no information people speculate, that's human nature. It's no easy task keeping on top of things when eyes are on you 24-7 -- especially in this MULTI-MEDIA ERA where everybody has their own broadcast station and anybody anywhere in the world has instant access to every manner of information with the ability to relay it in micro seconds.

I think that Beverley should start doing like TRUMP and keep ahead of the gossip mongers by TWEETING out her OWN MESSAGE every morning and LEADING THE CONVERSATION instead of falling into defensive positions presented by mean-spirited speculators.

They are not immune from criticism or jamming. Having not heard anything for a while, people have a right to speculate. PanTrinbago? It is what it is. The speculators were there in droves before, deal with it.


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