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A message from master arranger, musician and composer Pelham Goddard

This is Pelham Goddard on behalf of me and my wife Glenda our condolences to the family of Bertie Marshall.

We are losing all our great ones.

Just think about a person like Bertie Marshall, an innovator, builder all in one, - think about the development gone without the young ones learning any thing about him.

And the young tuners who know not of his technique in tuning harmonics.

All we still blame whatever Government in power - and we have "the world steelband body."  Remember the instrument is more important than panorama and competition.

We will do and do until we have no one to build these instruments.  The rest of the world is making the instruments.

They on the Internet teaching the art; on YouTube and Facebook.

Come Pan Trinbago - Get up from your sleep!


Pelham Goddard

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I don't think Pan Trinbago know's what's going on.

What I want to know, what is happening to the $35m plus G-Pan project? we all blame the Government for not doing nothing for pan. $35m is no chomp change, why don't we talk about the G-Pan project.......

Well said , Pelham.


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