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A Moment in Pan - Honoring All Pan Tuners - Yesterday and Today November 7

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The first Pan Tuner I knew was Zuzi, Kelvin St Rose (deceased) from Success Village in Laventille. As a little boy growing up in the obscure rural agricultural village of North Manzanilla in the early sixties, Zuzi tuned for the village band led by my cousin Rose's husband Hugh (deceased)...

I would meet Zuzi again decades later at his home and studio just above the Tamarind Tree, having no memory of him whatsoever from our extensive encounters during the sixties under the carat shed that was the panyard, situated at the northern end of the North Manzanilla recreation ground. We conversed extensively, and the story turns out to be a tragicomedy which I will not relate here. 

On this day if anyone has a photo of Kelvin Zuzi St Rose, please share it  with this global forum in honor of his memory, and in recognition of his contribution to the art form.

Thank you. 

Joe Pringay (Tunapuna) - Madman (Tunapuna & Venezuela) - Hudson Gregg (Carenage) - Claude "Moby Dick" Williams (Curepe) - Clydee (Macoya) - Michael "Penta" Cupidore (St. James) - Rudy "Two Leff" Smith (Copenhagen)

  1. Leroy Williams - I bought him a ticket and took him back to Miami with me in 1988 and left him in Florida.
  2. Leroy Thomas - I took him to Matelot in 1989 to tune some pans for the Matelot Community College who were entering the junior festival (HISTORY) for the first and only time.
  3. Leslie Bernard
  4. Joseph Roseman
  5. Scorpion from Nutones, someone will post his given names.

Bertie Marshall - Pan Scientist

Ellie Mannette - Stradivarius of the Steel Pan

Steelband Pioneers

Here Bertie Marshall and Anthony Williams talk about their inventions and their impact on the art-form.

Ralph MacDonald - WST Exclusive Interview - On the legendary Rudolph Charles

Nicole Greaves & Despers - Hammer Time

Steelband Panorama 2013 semis...
Arranger; Robert Greenidge

Jimi Philip - Chaguanas - tuner, innovator and inventor.

Carl Chase(RIP), Terrence Cameron, David Gettes, Phil Solomon, Alan Coyle, Shelly Irvine, Steve Lawrie, Tony Cezair, Dave Berry, Tom Reynolds,  Michael Perkins, Dennis Martin, Emily Lemmerman, Darren Dyke, Chandler Bailey, Ryan Roberts, Billy Sheeder, Robbie, and many more....others will have to add.....Sorry to anyone i left out

Earle Wong, Ed Peters, Errol Moore, Tommy Crichlow

Some tuners I have not seen mentioned r Jim St Rose,Julian"Tommy" Crichlow, Emannuel Thorpe, Sterling Betancourt,"Wolf' king,Rupert "Shadow" Nathaniel,Harper, Sonny Roach,Mikey Enoch,Ronald Matthews,Terrance Frederick


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