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The Triennial Convention is constitutionally due every three years on the last Sunday in October – at this convention the election of officers to the Central Executive Committee of Pan Trinbago occurs.

In 2012, due to Court Action, brought by four candidates whose nominations were rejected, these elections did not take place. This matter was finally resolved with the Appeal Court Judgment given on February 23rd 2015 in favour of the claimants. Pan Trinbago lost its Appeal.

The Annual General Meeting / Triennial Convention 2015 will be held on Sunday October 25th at the Festival Ballroom, Ground Floor, Radisson Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain starting at 10:00am. Registration commences at 8:00am.

Each Steelband is entitled to send two [2] delegates to represent them at this meeting. We would advise that delegates walk with their copies of the constitution.

The Directors, who call their slate “The New Visionaries” are candidates in this election, based on the nominations submitted for the aborted 2012 elections, in the following posts:

President; Beverley Ramsey-Moore -  Petrotrin Katzenjammers - Tobago

Vice President: Douglas Williams -  D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires

External Relations Officer – Denise L. J. Hernandez -  Massy Trinidad All Stars

Treasurer – Keith J. A. Simpson -  St. James Tripolians

Public Relations Officer – Trevor Cooper -  Caribbean Airlines Invaders

Assistant Secretary – Salisha James -  Uptown Fascinators - Tobago

Trustee – Emond Berkeley -  D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires

We look forward to your support in this election for the future development of pan.

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God doh sleep, he does only wear pajamas.

And with one eye open!!!

Claude I have to agree with you that this is a major problem.So, if the New Visionaries take over pan Trinbago they will be saddled with Diaz's secretary  - who was also there when Patrick Arnold was the president. Can someone from the NV explain how is this going to work?


Actually he was there since Anim Smith.
Which is going back to around 1986, 87.

Pan Deserves More, foward ever, backward never, moving to higher heights, good luck!!!

With one week to go before the PAN TRINBAGO ELECTIONS I would like to see the NEW VISIONARIES ramp up the campaign rhetoric on this WST FORUM. I am going to buy the premise from BUGS that the forum is very widely read in T&T and could influence the final vote.

So I am encouraging all the WST posters to come out and support the NEW VISIONARIES with a sentence or two. If Keith Diaz wins, PAN is dead for the next SIX YEARS. As hard as the forumites have worked over the last three years to keep the PAN PROGRESS DISCUSSION alive and to oppose the dictatorial actions of Keith Diaz, now is the time to express support for the NEW VISIONARIES and prove that the voices on this forum are indeed a part of far reaching global conversation on PAN -- right down to the MECCA.

The leadership of the NEW VISIONARIES should start more topics this week (or get their primary soldiers like Cecil Hinkson to start campaign topics) and they should go beyond generic words like INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Those words have become trivialized and have very little subliminal messaging left. Please put some meat on the bones with specifics. And Beverly Ramsey-Moore has to come on and give some stump speeches; she has to expand on her vision. Time is of the essence!!!

I am going to put away my sarcastic and cynical keyboard for the next week and let the NEW VISIONARIES make their case without interference.   

The NEW VISIONARIES have labored long and hard in the expensive political field of PAN TRINBAGO. Let us hope that they could harvest the crop on October 25th with the help of the WST FORUMITES.

Not to sound pessimistic, what IF? In a worst case scenario the two MEMBERS don't meet the requirements after they submit their vote and due to some technicality that vote is invalidated.


From Mia Gormandy Thesis on Pan Trinbago And The Social Conflict Surrounding Phase II’s Panorama Performance of 2011

Pan Trinbago functions as a democracy, as officers are voted into power. The Central

Executive Committee is elected at the triennial convention. The Regional Executive Committee

is elected one month after the convention. All officers hold their positions for three years until

the reelection process. Voting is done through secret ballot on behalf of the association, and a

Returning Officer is appointed to preside at each election of officers (Pan Trinbago 2012). Pan

Trinbago’s website also includes the following as its electoral process:

• No person who is a member of the Association shall be eligible to be appointed as

  a Returning Officer at any election of the Association.

• Only such members of the General Body as are in good financial standing may be

  eligible for election to any office of the Association.

• No member of the General Body against whom there are pending disciplinary

  proceedings may be eligible for election to any office of the Association.

• Any delegated member of a financial steelband or any out-going Central

  Executive Committee member shall be eligible for election to any office of the


• All persons seeking election to any office of the Association shall have their

  nominations supported by two (2) members in good financial standing with the

  Association on the prescribed form and shall submit their nominations to the

  Secretary of the Association no later then twenty-one (21) days prior to the date

  prescribed for the elections.

• The Secretary of the Association shall be responsible for the circulation to all

  members, member steelbands and affiliated associations of copies of the agenda of

  the Meeting and all nominations for election to vacant offices of the Association

 (Pan Trinbago 2012).

 The electoral process is important to the steelband community, as members are able to have a

 voice within their steelband government.



Oh Gorm (andy)...  Is T&T we talking 'bout...  That would just unleash another round of commesse questioning the validity and legality of the results, ent... ;-)

All joking aside, let's hope the rift heals and we come together for the common good for better, because Pan Deserves More and is Time for a New Vision, not so...

What I find interesting in these rules is the requirement for the two members in good financial standing. What does that mean? This coming from the organization that keeps coming up SHORT in funds to pay its members on a timely basis. My guess LEADING by example is not applicable in these rules. 

This whole election process needs an overhaul. Are the rules designed to stifle opposition within the ranks?


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