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I need 100 signatures which I will present to WST in order to ban BUGS from the forum. Long before Trump came into office and popularized the FAKE NEWS reference -- BUGS was a purveyor of FAKE NEWS on this forum. Actually, BUGS should be collecting royalties every time that term is used anywhere in the world.

People always say to me: Give me one example! Give me one example!!! I so hate that demand!!!

However, to ensure that I get my 100 signatures, I will give a few examples of FAKE NEWS from BUGS.

COLLEGE BOY!!! Actually, just go the top of your screen and do a search for "college boy" and you should get at least 20 examples of BUGS selling false papers on COLLEGE BOY.

And then comes the DOCTOR DOLLY concoctions!!! She was so tough!!! She will put KEITH DIAZ in jail!!! She will do a FORENSIC AUDIT of PAN TRINBAGO!!! She will pay the PAN MEN by MARCH 15TH after NCC collects the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS.

In truth and in fact (I eh use that expression in decades) DOCTOR DOLLY has refused to meet with THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY AND HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ since August of 2016. And she is not about to lift a finger against that PRESIDENT!!!

Me, Diaz and Dolly all come from the same San Juan area -- and we all understand the rules of engagement. (A South Man like ARTHUR will never comprehend this shallow East-West corridor politics.)

I have enough headaches dealing with this forum already with people constantly trying to move the hands of the clock back to the SIXTIES and the inability to get a TRINIDAD PAN MAN to tour and represent the music GLOBALLY and don't talk about the failure to record any decent PAN MUSIC (not to mention a new concussion with the RAIDERS moving to LAS VEGAS) -- to add FAKE NEWS from BUGS about the removal of KEITH DIAZ from the Presidency of Pan Trinbago to the list is really too much for me to bear!!!

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The minimum is 200 signatures to start the investigation of the person.

Cecil look how the man vex with me because the Raiders move to Las Vegas. And Golden State moving next year. And Rolly Polly will be going to "Club Jail" because the children Christmas money missing again. Is D'Photo the one they talking about last seen with some Russians? 


Bugs ah feel Rolly Polly and D'Photo sent Claude ah threatening email for him to get you off the Forum, too much pressure for them guys, wid bobalee day round the corner.

True Dat...

It was a Forensic Investigation that sent Rolly Polly's buddy Al Capone to that resort call "Club Jail".

You hear lie!

Gonzo. What You Have With My Partner BUGS? We All Stretch the Truth. Bugs Might Have More Elasticity Than US!

Nah... Val

Claude vex because Dr. Dolly shut down Rolly Polly's cash flow. No extra vacation for the execs this year.

Well Claude...
Like dem old people say. "Everybody is ah gangsta until Coca Roach fly" So in this regard, I am calling on my buddy Merrytones to release some flying Coca Roach and lets see who still here.


Bugs...Ah so sorry...Ah cyah help yuh...I see a post on Facebook with some big big fowl the other day...Boy I get so frighten...not this cockroach and allyuh Expats again...

Yea Merrytones

That is some scary stuff. But don't worry, that is fake news set up by Claude and Rolly Polly to frighten us.

On the fowl network they said those oversize chicken were looking for ah man call KFC so we safe for now. 

Rolly Polly and D'Photo feeling the pressure.  Dem children calling them "Bad Santa"


merrytonestothebone: You are a MAN OF HONOR and a TRUE DIPLOMAT!!! Your neutrality is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

I am counting you as HALF A VOTE. I am only 99.5 votes short now!!!


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