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I need 100 signatures which I will present to WST in order to ban BUGS from the forum. Long before Trump came into office and popularized the FAKE NEWS reference -- BUGS was a purveyor of FAKE NEWS on this forum. Actually, BUGS should be collecting royalties every time that term is used anywhere in the world.

People always say to me: Give me one example! Give me one example!!! I so hate that demand!!!

However, to ensure that I get my 100 signatures, I will give a few examples of FAKE NEWS from BUGS.

COLLEGE BOY!!! Actually, just go the top of your screen and do a search for "college boy" and you should get at least 20 examples of BUGS selling false papers on COLLEGE BOY.

And then comes the DOCTOR DOLLY concoctions!!! She was so tough!!! She will put KEITH DIAZ in jail!!! She will do a FORENSIC AUDIT of PAN TRINBAGO!!! She will pay the PAN MEN by MARCH 15TH after NCC collects the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS.

In truth and in fact (I eh use that expression in decades) DOCTOR DOLLY has refused to meet with THE MOST HIGH AND MIGHTY AND HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ since August of 2016. And she is not about to lift a finger against that PRESIDENT!!!

Me, Diaz and Dolly all come from the same San Juan area -- and we all understand the rules of engagement. (A South Man like ARTHUR will never comprehend this shallow East-West corridor politics.)

I have enough headaches dealing with this forum already with people constantly trying to move the hands of the clock back to the SIXTIES and the inability to get a TRINIDAD PAN MAN to tour and represent the music GLOBALLY and don't talk about the failure to record any decent PAN MUSIC (not to mention a new concussion with the RAIDERS moving to LAS VEGAS) -- to add FAKE NEWS from BUGS about the removal of KEITH DIAZ from the Presidency of Pan Trinbago to the list is really too much for me to bear!!!

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Well I always suspected that the people on this forum like BUGS more than they like me!!! Now I know for sure because 25,000 members  on WST -- and I am in worse shape than the REPUBLICANS -- NOT ONE person vote for me to REPEAL and REPLACE bugs.

However, I am going to read the WST constitution and see if I could find an EXECUTIVE ORDER to act unilaterally!!!

I now have to submit my report (my failure) to my HIGHER UPS (Diaz and Forteau) and see if we could come up with a new strategy to put an end to all this fake news from MR. BUGS!!!

Claude Gonzales this south boy used to spend his summers in San Juan/Barateria because my mother is a Romany from 1st opposite Malick. My late grandma had a restaurant in the Quaze opposite the former Texas Building and next to the former Kirpalanis. My uncle was the former captain of the old San Juan All Stars - Aldwin Natty Lynch. I also have roots in St John's Rd, St Augustine and another uncle Bob Toroulde was the captain of Guy Flamingoes. Even though I am a south Pan veteran my Pan experience also left a trail in the east west corridor. The problem with Trinidadians is that we fight amongst ourselves and that's why our culture is stagnant. Them Pan players is the Mecca are way to laid back and all they focus on is Panorama. I have seen and experience a lot ! Give Bugs a break !


Can you please post Heather MacIntosh's "Headquarters" again. The forum needs to hear the evidence against Rolly Polly.


Bugs, video not found on Youtube.

Bugs: yuh calling in all your markers trying to stay on the forum to spread FAKE NEWS against MY PRESIDENT!!!

But in the end: KEITH DIAZ rules ALL THINGS PAN -- IN THE LAND!!!

Ah singing fuh meh supper, boy!!! Dey promise to give me the rights to produce the GREATEST HIT PANORAMA CD if I could get you off the FORUM and stop you from spreading your FAKE NEWS.

But if the incoming KING MAKER (Gregory Lindsay) could give me a better offer -- ah jumping ship. Because I have grown to like MR. LINDSAY and I think that he might give me an advisory role (in the PAN MUSIC PRODUCTION DIVISION) in the new administration.


Send Diaz to Club JAIL, Diaz turn the CARS in way you get the money from which bank did you withdraw the money from show us the cashier's check or Bank check come on Diaz tell us where the cars is then you can go straight to Club jail.

More FAKE NEWS.... Claude want to ban Bugs from de Forum.

fake, if anything ban Claude, always stiring things up


Well I am fairly new to this forum,,,but to all respect to all on this forum and to Claude as he seems to be one of the prominent contributors,,,,,I personally don't think that ANYONE should be banned ,as we need to hear from ALL sides of the world ,as Pan is a world wide in strument. So we just have to pick the sence,from the nonsense,for ourselves,,,,and continue to come up with positive ideas for the future upliftment of Pan,,,and hope and pray that our ideas will one day get implemented by those who are in a position to implement them. Blessings to all.

Thank you Morning Glory for your wise and unbiased council.  Claude is under concussion protocol. He is really not a "bad guy" he was just led astray by Rolly Polly.


No matter if Pan Trinbago break down,,,,,WE JAMMING STILL,,,,DOE WORRY,WE GO WUK DEM.
Merrytones my brother,,,,can you,or will you be willing to be the voice IN TRINIDAD,,,to put forth the POSITIVE IDEAS,put out by the contributors to this forum to the relevant athourities ,who are In a position and have the power to get things done.?Since I have been on this forum I have read a lot of positive things and heard a lot of great ideas for the future upliftment of our national instrument.,,,,from yourself,Cecil,Claude,Bugs,yyes Bugs,Val,and quite a few others.But I would like these ideas and thoughts,to be put forward to the relevant people who can put some of them in motion,,,, otherwise is all just ole talk,,,feel meh,,,,,so my brother as you are on spot on the ground ,in the zone are you willing to be the forums voice to the persons who can effectively put our collective thoughts and ideas into reality?Aye we have to make a positive move sometime, sonner than later.Please give it a thought,and let us know what you think about us getting to really express our input to the pan community.AYE THEY NEED HELP,PAN RIGHT NOW IS GOING NOWHERE FAST. BLESSINGS TO ALL.


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