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March 3rd, 2014

Toronto. Canada

7:30pm (Carnival Monday night)


Greetings all,

                      This is a research project, and your input will be greatly appreciated. I wish to put forward a basic question of which you may feel free to respond in whatever way you so desire. The question might seem to be hypothetical to some but to others it is a dream and hope and to others it is a reality in time.

The question of course deals with the true meaning of the development of the pan.

“What do you think should be immediate goals and objectives of a Pan Ministry (a ministry exclusively for the pan) in Trinidad and Tobago”

Feel free to give any response to this question….. as I previously mentioned it is a research project and I feel that this WST Forum can offer an objective discussion on both sides of the fence.

If I may add the following ……..

-          I believe that this research project is ahead of the government and opposition in Trinidad & Tobago.

-          As such whatever we speak and put forward concerning this topic will be original to the cause.

-          This puts us in a unique position concerning the pan..we actually can set a course for this Pan Ministry.

-          We can come with all possible scenarios for this ministry and it will serve as a precedence

-          I believe that this will send a clear message to the politicians…… that the pan people are ahead of them on this one and hence they will have to pay attention to what we have to say.

-          I also hope that it will be brought up in the scheduled town hall pan meeting in T&T .


Remember you also have the right to write off this topic as impossible or ridiculous so have your say.


Salah Wilson

MA musicology. Activist.

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Kerwin, We went through that with Pan Trinbago and it looks like the new leaders just can't wait to get in that position as president to run ah lot ah Boball for themselves so having a Ministry of Pan will be a good idea as long as that Govt' don't dissolve it whenever a new Govt' take over.,

Bede please send me your email address ...I have a document for you ...my email is   sal_wils@hotmail.com

Salah, My email is  blopez44@comcast.net

I am a Positive Person, but knowing how the Various Governments has treated Pan this is really wishful thinking. For whatever reason Government has always stood by and watch Pan evolve on its own. They are scared of having the responsibility of being the Caretaker of Pan. This is a Great Idea by Bro. Salah. But Our Government don't have to Guts to implement a Ministry to deal solely with Pan. They are contended in Watching Pantrinbago destroy our Pan Culture. Their sole objective is to Fund Pantrinbago. I give them some Kudos for Sustaining Pans in Schools. I think that is as far as they would go. Pan People are to Hard to Handle. It's too much Headache they don't have the Balls!


This is precisely why we have to make our voices known...we simply cannot believe and expect the government or opposition to really "Do something for pan" ..it is not going to happen ...Therefore we have to be more pro-active ....let me put it this way....What was more un-surmountable to Nelson Mandela was the fact that apartheid was so ingrained in the society that it was an almost impossible thought to think that South Africa would be free of this curse of apartheid ...but today there is no apartheid on account of a strong belief of a few people.

I am not minimizing the apartheid era and South African struggle with our pan ...I am just saying that what we think might be impossible in reality is so possible and a Pan Ministry is viable and doable... we can provide information to substantiate this claim.................


My Bro. Salah. I am in total agreement with your Idea of having a Ministry of Pan. What I am trying to point out are the Obstacles - Hurdles and Gauntlets that will be faced before this can be implemented. This will be a Great achievement for Pan and the Pan men. It has My Blessings, but will it have the Blessings of the Government of Sweet T&T? Quote Jimmy Cliff. ""Time Alone Will Tell""

Val send me your email address I want to send you something


Sal. It's panvalboy@yahoo.com. Tel 347-254-5548

Bro. Oswald thanks for your post ....for you and who else would like to have a document with the research work already done on this subject please send me an email and I will respond my email is  sal_wils@hotmail.com

I admit that there will be strong opposition against this move ....but it will only be based on mis- information, not a complete understanding of what is involved ...there unfortunately might be some racism....but it will mostly be ignorance ( of the subject) ..we will dispel all of that doubt and lack of understanding ...this is why we are open for this worthy discussion.....


Feels good when the congregation preaches to itself.  However, reality bites.

This is an idea/proposal that can be a starting point for maximizing the possibilities of taking Pan to the next level.

The future lines in our youth, community based programs coordinated by the Pan in the Schools, with an emphasis on, not just musical education but includes leadership training, Pan Yard management, accounting principles, character building, developing pan tuners and arrangers.

This ministry will have total responsibility and accountability on how these programs are managed, setting the goals and objectives for the class rooms and the community based Pan Yards.

This group should be independent of Pan Trinbago.


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