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A sad day for pan. Condolences to La Brea Nightingales Steel Orchestra, and Terrance "BJ" Marcelle.

A sad day for pan. Though he mostly worked in the background he was a strong advocate for pan in schools and worked hard reviving La Brea Nightingale. Sad to know such a conscious and loving man is now gone. One of the latest murder victims in this country. RIP Scotty.

by Winston Vallie‎

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I  met Michael for the first time in January. I  was home for the New Year and visited La Brea with my friend Suga WHO happens to be Michael's  sister in law.An electrfying personality.Mild mannered intelligent Christian  individual with an insatiable  passion for the steelpan What a loss.My condolences

Indeed a sad day, and I extend my heartfelt condolences to those closest to the deceased.

What does this forum believe can be done in an objective manner to deal with violent crimes that plague our society and rip our loved ones away from us?

How would this forum suggest we act, to reduce the impact the pain and suffering deliberate and premeditated acts of violence on fellow humans inflict on our communities?

How has the high incidence of violent crime in our Republic, in our towns and villages impacted our lives directly or indirectly, by acquaintance or association?  

Russell Providence, if you look at the Race and Economic Status of the perpetrators of crime you'll get a picture of why things are the way they are. When you know the WHO and WHY then you'll see what has to be done.  SOCIAL INEQUALITY creates uneasiness.

Too sad! where is our country going. Condolences to all


this is really affecting me....

my condolences. 


Dear Mr. Hinkson,

you mentioned;

  • Race and Economic Status.
  • Perpetrators of crime.
  • Social inequality
  • Uneasiness (in a nation I imagine?)

Is it reasonable then to conclude that you may be suggesting, that there may be some relation between race and economic status and the perpetrators of crime, in a society where social inequality may exist, and as a result, may be creating an environment of uneasiness?

Considering all the available documented and published accounts of the beginnings of the pan, are there any similarities with the existing socio-economic realities of the day, with what was described as existing when the modern instrument first evolved?

Please permit me to ask again;

in the national interest, what action/s would this forum suggest as a deterrent to violent crime?

This being primarily a pan forum, and the subject of the discussion violent crime,


This was a domestic murder, which is a different discussion. But 90% or more of the murders and robberies and home invasions could be reduced by the KEITH DIAZ/CLAUDE GONZALES CRIME PREVENTION PLAN. That plan centers around moving certain people from THE STREETS and PRISON CYCLE. I am sure that the DIAZ PLAN is a little different from the GONZALES PLAN (mine is sure to be a little more draconian) but there could be some compromise.

We will set up an INDUSTRIAL FARM (LABOUR CAMP?) and place the 7000 criminals roaming the streets in work programs. One of these programs will be PAN PRODUCTION along with AGRICULTURE. Now some will talk about HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS -- but what about the HUMAN RIGHTS of all the daily VICTIMS.

The CRIMINALS are easily identifiable (see picture below); so we just send the police to round them up and get them ON THE FARM; and we also transfer all the young prisoners to THE FARM in the process. In THREE MONTHS, crime in TRINIDAD will be down to zero (a slight overstatement). That is the only hope to save some of these desperate, unemployed, hopeless young men on the island.

We could deal with the domestic violence aspect of the program later.

Make it mandatory that if you  leave school at 17, without knowing to read, write and count, the you are placed in a Nation Service Program where you return to repeat your vital school years, and assist in suitable Nation Building Programs similar to the old Youth Camps.

‘Let world see crime out of control in TT’

Now there are robberies at least once a week. Business owners are being robbed and people are being robbed of jewelry and their handbags along High Street. And when you look around to see if there is a foot patrol police, there is no semblance of police,” she said. Bartlett said there was only so much business owners could do to secure their stores.

“Business owners are fed up. We are now calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to take charge. Things are falling apart and it seems San Fernando will shut down very soon, because it is getting quieter and quieter with the number of businesses being robbed,”

They calling on ROWLEY!!! I guess they don't understand the politics of crime in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO!!!



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