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After a horrendous performance in 2010 for the national panorama in Trinidad and Tobago,video production and post-production company Advance Dynamics stepped up to the plate and delivered a quality product in its live internet broadcast of the event.



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Yes yes i must agree... very much appreciative of this clear and crisp broadcast both audio and video..... Thank you


More Pan...

It's excellent but they still need to tweak the audio during the band performance. Love the commentary and the editing too. Definitely a tremendous improvement over last year and prior years.
oh gosh, ah cya say it enough.. dis is a BOSS BOSS BOSS.. showing.. couldn't be any better

I would not hesitate to pay for this. 

Love it, feel like I am there.


getting an EXCELLENT live HD feed here too.... really well done this year!

Can't believe how good this is! Thanks!

I like the commentary. Light. Fresh. Informative. The music guy is particularly good in his analyses.

There is room for improvement in the production, but this is an excellent job.

What is the business model, I wonder. I feel like I should be paying for this, or else having to sit through lots of ads.

-Big Sid

This was the most enjoyable Panorama i've ever experienced without actually being in T&T..


As could be expected from an internet webcast, there were dropouts, but the actual quality was excellent.


Thank you, AD, and I'm looking forward for the DVD.


Quality broadcast! Finally a broadcast to ease my pan tabanca. I am visiting T&T later this year and must buy the videos!!
Thanks Advance Dynamics. Excellent quality, and really good to be able to enjoy the panorama without being there.
Looking forward to the DVD.

PAN LOVERS AROUND THE WORLD REJOICE!!  What a great quality live broadcast of the Greatest Show in the World!


The audio was spectacular as if you were there.  The video was crisp and clear at full screen. The prerecorded pieces were garbled at times.  The commentary was sharp and informative.


The entire pan community thanks Advance Dynamics for their professional work.  I am sure we'll be hearing and seeing a lot from them in the future.


The original WST email link for this discussion failed, hence there may not be too many replies.  Thank you again for a spectacular effort.

fantastic job, it felt like being there, looking foward to the other broadcasts and will definetly be purchasing the dvd ,         many thanks!                   


Well done AD you've now set the standard for Internet broadcast that comes out of T&T, the High Definition wide screen and digital audio effects were awesome. Thanks for a job well done.


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