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After a horrendous performance in 2010 for the national panorama in Trinidad and Tobago,video production and post-production company Advance Dynamics stepped up to the plate and delivered a quality product in its live internet broadcast of the event.



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Bugs, do you have a comment you are always negative about Advance Dynamics?

Andre I just wake up. 

AD did their job this year.  They treated pan with some respect. My comments were not negative. They were the truth.



To Advance Dynamics

I personally called for your public hanging last year and I would have volunteered to be your executioner for free for the masacar of the 2010 Panorama and fraudulent DVD you released.

Let me among the many to be congratulate you on a very good job in 2011.  You are to be commended. It wasn't perfect but we can discuss that later.

Again congrats...

Well done


ps What happened to those criminals known as CNMG? LOL



I too called for your extinction after the poor offerings in the past years. So now it's only fair that I add my congratulations on your efforts this time round. Let us hope the DVDs and CDs are as good when they go on sale.

Please ensure there is the appropriate syncronisation with the music on parade of the bands and inside carnival.

Well done

What a relief!!!!!!!! It was beautiful. Kudos to Advance Dymanics.

My Last comment on this message board was to add my dissapointment to the many with respect to Advance Dynamics panorama CD and DVD 2010 product.


I wish to add this time my pleasure of their high quality 2011 panorama live streaming. It proves that they are capable of mastering the audio-visual technology. I was not that impressed with the commentary and knowledge of the young presenters but I am prepared to give them a pass. If they are to repeat this stint again next year they should definitely do some serious research to become better in their chosen craft. To me it was a worthy baseline on which to build and become better.


I eagerly await their 2011 panorama CD/DVD offerings which they said will be delivered on Ash Wednesday. It is hoped AD they will be honest with their consumers. If we're getting a beta product, say so. If the DVD is in stereo and not 5.1 audio say so. I will still eventually hold my nose and buy their product but I will resent anything approaching last year's offering.


I'm in your corner now AD.

Just to be totally clear, the BTS features of the bands are included on the DVD that is available NOW??
Thank you for keeping our Culture alive by sharing what we do best with the world.  Continued success
Too bad that there are no dvd's in the airport though...

Not that i expected many of you to know.. but when i came to their defense in previous years, i too was nearly executed.. however, all i kept saying which you saw for yourself this year, that the poor offerings from Panorama Production was in NO WAY the fault of ADL. However, when you put your brand out there its possible the easiest one to pick out for the execution.


However, i have always maintained that ADL is one of (if not) the best production houses in the country especially where the cultural presentations are concerned. So look at the Math.. With other contributing factors - Poor Job. With ADL in control of their fate - Better than any of us could have imagined.. Congrats again to Advance Dynamics and crew.

Jeston have you or anyone seen this years DVD yet?





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