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After a horrendous performance in 2010 for the national panorama in Trinidad and Tobago,video production and post-production company Advance Dynamics stepped up to the plate and delivered a quality product in its live internet broadcast of the event.



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Ouch! I was hoping that they had gotten their act together.
and yet again i am not impressed by the camerawork/shots. i find there is too much emphasis put on the flying camera shot from the aerial boom, but those capture not much more than the tops of canopies...
I agree, they need to get back to basics........I wonder, is it only the people who went Trini who have noticed these flaws? I think that most people are only "reviewing" the youtube clips taken from the DVD & are not getting the "clearer" picture! Excuse the pun!

I agree Tubbs. The flaws are glaring (results?), the overall feel however is a step i the right direction.

@ Noah you're right there wasn't enough shots around the bands. 

Advance Dynamics....GREAT JOB!!!!  I was totally impressed by all of your broadcasts during the Carnival season.  Three Canal show, Panorama, Dimanch Gras and all day Carnival Tuesday.  Awsome job!!!   I can't comment about the DVD as I haven't seen it yet but I intend to order it never the less.   All I know is that you did a wonderful job of showing off Trinidad Carnival to the world through the medium of the Internet and I am looking forward to even better efforts next year. 

Got my copy, will be reviewing it on THE SYSTEM later tonight (apologies to my neighbours in advance!)
This is available at The Steelpan Store, but by special order only.  E-mail your orders to info@steelpanstore.com to reserve yours.  Supplies are very limited, so don't wait!

Thank, you, thank you. I was getting a bit impatient!


Excellent! Out of bad comes greatness but that's if we are big enough to put our hurt and pettiness aside. So 2012 we expect even greater things.


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