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After all the talk about PAN YARDS being CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE -- the RECORDING of those 2019 preliminary performances in the year 2019 is nothing short of SHAMEFUL!!!

How many COMMITTEES and how many MEETINGS Beverley had in preparation for THIS PANORAMA and something as FUNDAMENTAL as this (HISTORICAL RECORDING) was not seen as critical in ALL THE PLANNING.



I would have expected the newly appointed LIAISON OFFICER FOR STEELBANDS to have made connections after THREE MONTHS in office to coordinate networks with arrangements to REPRESENT THE PRODUCT in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER.


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Beverley: The first BEVERLEY that is being referenced is BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE -- THE PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO. So the references were not made to your comments.

Bertel Gittens is an ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT to (and a staunch defender of the current president Beverley) -- so he had to come to her defense.

Beverley: This is PAN LOVER'S FORUM among other THINGS PAN and people share music and articles and critiques and of course differences of opinions on STEELBAND. The performances were captured mostly by PAN LOVERS in THE MECCA however best they could -- and they are not actually an official product from PRESIDENT BEVERLEY and PAN TRINBAGO.


And make sure that you find the RIGHT CHAT SITE to take in the PANORAMA on PANORAMA NIGHT because that is some real GOOD FUN where everybody is a PAN JUDGE and JURY.

Mr. Gittens, I recently began reading the posts and trying to learn. With that said your use of that word that begins with the letter n really knocked me to the floor and caused my stomach to hurt as I type this. 

My question is to whom do you refer that word? What do you mean by that phrase that includes the n word?


The term "Yuh khar please nigger people nah!" is a TRINIDAD IDIOM meaning that BLACK PEOPLE in TRINIDAD (and the diaspora) are never happy whatever you do for them.

In this specific case, THE EXPATS and LOCAL SHUT-INS are not contributing a dime to produce these recordings and yet it is being delivered to them FOR FREE. But instead of appreciating what they are getting and being THANKFUL -- ingrates like Claude and Bugs are complaining and being ungrateful instead of thanking GOD for small mercies.

Hence: "Yuh khar please nigger people nah!"

That being said, the issue is not as much about MONEY as BERTEL was making it as it is about a LACK OF INITIATIVE. Because, starting with UWI and spreading across to the FILM INDUSTRY in TRINIDAD there is a considerable amount of filming talent on the island -- so if the PAN TRINBAGO LIAISON to STEELBANDS had any CONSCIOUSNESS or WILL TO WIN, she could have coordinated help in this area from a number of sources.

But in the REAL WORLD of technology today -- producing a decent RECORDING of these performances with some  WILL PASS audio is no longer ROCKET SCIENCE.

Two sides of the coin!!!

Thanks Claude, you is BOSS!

Beverly I too cringed when I saw the N-word because it highlighted the issue. What is accepted locally in Trinidad and Tobago is no acceptable in a global arena.  For example, again, are these horrible recordings suppose to be an audio representation of the greatest steelbands in the world. Are we serious? The standards have been set a long time ago. While these recordings are acceptable to local ears - they are a source of embarrassment on a global stage. Do we expect the world to by into instrumental music with bad audio?

Beverly your old 1980's answering  machine could give you better quality audio than some of the recordings I've heard this year thus far.


ms, bev, that word is to Claude Gonzales he wi nt get mad, we are all trinidadians, and in my days that word is no big thing its just an expression is only in black America, is offensive, and I understand why the,  like that , is their histry, which is, sad, but as a a trini,  that word is only an expression, , ono offence meant, sorry mr bertel  made that comment , remember, we all support you, and wising you well, 

This works when you have dynamic fixed stereo microphones set up at the front of the band to capture all aspects of the music. What we see it Trinidad is someone walking around with a phone or a video camera with a single microphone picking up whatever the lens is pointing towards. Really and truly Television only recently acquired that feature which radio has had for many years. the problem is combining the two aspects of the recording. Most amateur videographers may not have that skill, therefore what you end up with is mismatch video and audio. Has anyone listen to what TTT is putting out lately as far as sound quality is concerned. "They need to fire the sound engineer "... For years the sound has been distorted and only getting worse. hopefully, they rectify this before the finals since they will be broadcasting on Semifinals and Final night.
A few comments regarding the Preliminaries and streaming them: First, if you are talking about doing professional video and audio broadcasts, who is going to pay? It is very expensive to do truly professional video, and there are still issues doing the audio. The preliminaries are each in a different yard, with different constraints. If you really wanted quality recordings you would have to have a separate crew at each venue, set up and a technical rehearsal in advance, before not only the judges but the crowds (often) of supporters showed up. You'd have to keep the supporters out of the camera angles and away from the microphones. You'd have to deal with difficult acoustic issues in some of the panyards, particularly noise control. Go into the Phase II yard now and listen to the very loud noise from the cooling towers for the apartments. Not good, and any solution would be very expensive and take time to build. Then you have yards like Skiffle with no space in front of the band (and supporters crowded in) making proper mic placement a compromise.

The team from UTT make audio recordings (not a stream) that get put up on Sound Cloud (with links from the Pan Trinbago website). They are using top quality, professional equipment and are well trained in the nuances of proper technique. Given the limitations of the sites, they are probably about the best audio you could expect with very limited setup time (They travel with the judges, and no one is going to give them much extra time to set up if it delays the judging.), no technical rehearsal, and very limited post production.

Their equipment is similar in quality and technique to what Sanch used, but he would go to one panyard at a time (not when they were being judged), record multiple takes, correct any noted deficiencies, pick the best take and master the recordings before issuing them. And he eventually stopped because few were buying his CDs, and furthermore he was getting heavily pirated. He was losing money. He is now working to make his library available on a stream.

Some steelbands still try to stop "unauthorized" recording, but when everyone owns a cell phone which includes video and audio recording capability (of variable quality and being used by people with no training) it is futile to attempt to control personal recording. Trying to stop it is like playing "whack-a-mole", for every person you attempt to tell to stop, five others will begin recording. As others have commented, most of what appears on Facebook is cell phone material.

Also, be aware that Facebook (and YouTube to a lesser degree) limits the audio and video quality severely, to reduce their bandwidth requirements.

The audio and video at the Savannah is another issue, which is beyond the scope of this post, except to say that not one cent was spent in the design or construction of the Grand Stand for acoustic design, treatment or control. Nor was much if any thought given to providing desirable sight lines for video production. Nuff said there.


Let's deal with the reality of last night's streams. They were all very good streams with decent audio. In fact the audio even sounded better than UTT's at times.  Invaders, Renegades and Trinidad All Stars brought in their won steaming company's and Trinidad and Tobago Newsday also provide an acceptable stream for Desperadoes and Silver Stars. So it can be done. Money is not the issue. Expertise and commitment is.


we all love you miss Beverly whenstee talks support you  , don t give up you are doing a great, job, it I s a learning experience don give up,

All I say is they all need help with streaming and recordings. When you big you big. Renegades had one of the best streams in years followed by All Stars, however, these were production teams doing the stream. The small bands could barely keep their pan players much less to pay for a production team.
The thing that got me last night was Duvone Stewart begging and trying to sway the judges with a story. Please, man, be a little humbler like your predecessor Dr. Jit. Let your music speak for itself.
Another concern was, why was Desperadoes in silhouette? Was it to bring some sort of mystique to the music?

Listened to the recordings,large bands, I can say Phase11 choose the wrong tune, no sweetness from that tune.  I have never seen their pan-yard so dismal after a preliminary performance. Far from being a party atmosphere.  Desperadoes and All Stars seem to have the best arrangements and music.


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