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After all the talk about PAN YARDS being CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE -- the RECORDING of those 2019 preliminary performances in the year 2019 is nothing short of SHAMEFUL!!!

How many COMMITTEES and how many MEETINGS Beverley had in preparation for THIS PANORAMA and something as FUNDAMENTAL as this (HISTORICAL RECORDING) was not seen as critical in ALL THE PLANNING.



I would have expected the newly appointed LIAISON OFFICER FOR STEELBANDS to have made connections after THREE MONTHS in office to coordinate networks with arrangements to REPRESENT THE PRODUCT in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER.


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But money is an issue, someone had to pay for those production teams, who set up hours in advance. Well off sponsors may find it worth the investment, as they may get some advertising/promotion benefit from it. Many bands simply can't afford that or feel that the money is better spent elsewhere. After all this is a competition, and a good stream doesn't get you any more points in the judging.

Also the availability of money in the long term may pay for a bigger panyard which allows for better crowd control, which makes for better production, both video and audio.

And to have been complaining that it was Beverley's problem is not correct. It is up to the band to decide about providing a stream. Just in the large band preliminaries there were 17 bands. Expecting Pan Trinbago to hire 17 production crews to do this with no financial return is wrong, considering their other financial struggles. They do have the co-operation of UTT which provides a decent quality audio recording for the archives.


It is Beverley's problem if she wants it to be. And that's why she's president and you are not.

Panorama is much more than a competition and you already know that. It's about the people of Trinidad and Tobago. 

17 production crews, what's the big deal. It's not like all 17 large bands were being judged in their yards on the same day. 17 bands, 17 villages, 17 streaming crews. Which means you know you are spewing nonsense and misinformation - since all the bands are not live on the same night, that number of "production crews" would never be needed.

And full production crews are not necessary for simple streaming in a panyard setting, a laptop, proper panyard lighting, two good mics, HD camera, tripod, solid internet connection with proper upload speeds and you're good to go.

Pan Trinbago should make the request to the government and UWI to invest in each band by providing the necessary training outside of Panorama to band members or village residents so that they will be ready for 2020 with the skills necessary for streaming live next year. Streaming is not rocket science and even it was, so what? Each band has sponsors who can pick up the equipment tab. Invest in the people with something tangible.


Hey Bugs, I didn't say 17 different crews, if you are covering 17 events, you need 17 crews, even if two of them are the same crew redeployed at a different venue on a different night. I doubt a crew will give you two for the price of one, so the cost is for 17 crews. And qualified crews, even "small" crews don't come cheap. To a large degree, you get what you pay for.

Speaking of upload speed, when last you measure Internet upload speeds in Trinidad? I'm here now again this year, and Trinidad has pretty abysmal Internet connections.

You left out a few items, like a decent mic preamp that can handle the peak levels from the band cleanly. And as I mentioned before, some panyards are poorly laid out to provide either good video or audio, or even the opportunity to provide the proper lighting you mention.

The audio people doing the pickup would have to be properly trained to mic a live steelband. There are some here who know what to do, but many others who would try to apply the microphone choices and micing techniques appropriate for a soca band, and they may well disappoint you with their product.

If you feel so strongly about seeing the preliminaries, you should consider traveling to Trinidad to see them in person, as I have. In fact if you expect to see many or all of the bands, you probably would find that even some of the poorer "cell phone" videos provide a better view than you would get in person, unless you find looking at the back of people's heads a good vantage. Most of the venues were very crowded most of the evening with supporters who did not travel from band to band. And I find the UTT audio satisfactory for comparing the performances. Your tastes may vary.

I must tell you the 'Beverly this, Beverly that' stuff in these posts comes over to me as either sour grapes, that whoever you were supporting from thousands of miles away didn't win, or worse yet as sexism. Some of the regular posters here seem to be of the opinion that no woman could run Pan Trinbago or anything else. Sad.

And Pan Trinbago is seriously in debt, the country is suffering financially, Somehow I'd guess that Pan Trinbago, and the Culture Ministry has higher priorities for their limited funds than providing equipment and training for streaming the preliminaries live to a bunch of expats who don't come back to Trinidad for whatever reason. And not all bands have sponsors with deep pockets to support streaming. I can tell you that for most bandleaders, providing streaming is and will remain pretty low on their priority list.

In any event, you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to the semifinals streamed live in HD. WACK is providing a stream, but you'll have to cough up US $10.00 to subscribe. It will be interesting to see how many people subscribe.

Who said anything about learning to streaming for expats? That is your personal hang-up. Learning to stream and understanding the related technologies involved is an entry point for these young people. Why would begrudge  the government investing in its people?

What does Pan Trinbago being in debt have to do with its President championing and seeking funding for technical training for her members? What is more important than that?

If they learn how to stream for preliminaries in their panyards, what makes you think they won't use that knowledge to do other useful and empowering activities the day after.

The President of Pan Trinbago has said she wants the panyard to be much more than just a panyard. Teaching and training young people in the panyard technical skills that will be of use to them, their communities and their bands in the panyard is a start.  What is the purpose of WACK providing a stream? What does what people think about Beverley have to do with anything if she is capable, effective and successful?



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