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Ah still thinking about MEH COUNTRY tonight but more in a PARTY MOOD -- so ah going and feature CRAZY!!!

Now "SUCK ME SOCCOUYANT" is one of the most LYRICALLY DEVELOPED and CULTURALLY RELEVANT TALES that has ever seen written in the HISTORY OF CALYPSO ... and I could debate that with ANYBODY who knows about CALYPSO LYRICS. I really LOVE THAT CALYPSO.

And that it WON ROAD MARCH makes it stand on its own!!!

As a CALYPSONIAN, CRAZY has TRIED HARD!!! And he has DELIVERED quite a few HITS.

Do you all know that he was offered "BAHIA GIRL" and turned it down? Well you have to be in the INNER CIRCLES of CALYPSO in the EIGHTIES to know that.

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Ah was looking for GEIH ME MORE GEIH ME MORE you know that I like it -- but I could not find it so I am putting up THE ELECTRICIAN instead.


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